Pearson Indian Economy By Sriram Srirangam Hindi Medium


Pearson Indian Economy By Sriram Srirangam Hindi Medium

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Pearson Indian Economy By Sriram Srirangam Hindi Medium
Total Pages- 857
1. Economy and Economics
2. Measuring Economic Growth Concepts and Institutions
3. Economic Growth and Development Alternative Measures
4. Planned Economic Development (1951-2017)
5. Niti Aayog
6. Industrial Policy Meaning and Evolution
7. Economic Reforms (1991-2021)
8. Indian Economy and The Pandemic
9. Atma Nirbhar Bharat
10. Production Linked Incentive (PLI) Schemes
11. Fiscal Policy
12. Public Debt
13. Monetary Policy
14. Reserve Bank Of India
15. Reserve Bank of India Policies For Pandemic
16. Inflation
17. Money and Capital Markets
18. Stock Market
19. Taxation Principles, Policies and Reforms
20. Goods and Services Tax (GST)
21. Global Digital Economy Tax Reform
22. Public Sector Enterprises Rationale and Reforms
23. Banking System in India
24. Bad Loans and Bad Bank
25. Coorperatives
26. Fintech in India Promise, Progress, Innovation, and Regulation
27. Poverty Concepts, Cause and Solutions
28. Poverty Eradication and Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs)
29. Economic Inequality Concepts, Causes and Public Policy
30. Indian Agriculture-1
31. Indian Agriculture-2
32. Agriculture-3 Farm Laws 2020
33. Land Reforms (1947-2021)
34. Infrastructure-1
35. Infrastructure-2 Public Private Partnerships (PPP)
36. Logistics In India Performance and Prospects
37. Employment, Unemployment and Skills in India
38. New Labour Laws Concepts, Causes and Solutions
39. External Sector-1 Balance of Payments
40. External Sector-2 Rupee Convertibility and Internationalization of Rupee
41. External Sector-3 Exchange Rates, Forex Reserves, and Currency Mechanisms
42. India’s Foreign Trade
43. Foreign Direct Investment Need and Policy
44. Global Financial System Institutions and Their Roles
45. Bretton Woods Institutions-I International Monetary Fund (IMF)
46. Bretton Woods Institutions-II World Bank Group
47. World Trade Organization (WTO)
48. International Trade Intellectual Property Rights
49. Union Budget 2022-23
50. Economic Survey 2022

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