Patanjali Philosophy Optional Hindi Medium Printed Notes 4 Booklets

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Patanjali Philosophy Optional Hindi Medium Printed Notes 4 Booklets

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Patanjali Philosophy Optional Hindi Medium Printed Notes 4 Booklets

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4 Booklets
PHILOSOPHY Patanjali Printed Notes for IAS & PCS
Material is written by prominent teachers having more than 10 years of experience in teaching. Regular review of the materials has been made according to the changes in syllabus
Philosophy is preferred optional for aspirants of different stream due to following reasons:-
It has the shortest syllabus . It can be covered within 60 days very comfortably . Saved time can be invested in GS which now consist of 4 papers ( 1000 marks )
It has great scoring potentiality
It has immense applicability in essay paper . Topics like democracy, secularism, humanism, women empowerment, multiculturalism, corruption, justice ,religion and morality, etc. are the relevant topics for the essay.
GS paper – IV ( Ethics,Integrity and Aptitude ) has strong roots in philosophy
It need not to be updated with any current developments as it is required in other subjects .
With the fast changing trend of exam where command over the entire subject is required,
Philosophy is most competitive because 100% is covered in short span of time.
Material consists following 8 topics in 4- booklets :-
Indian Philosophy-First paper (Part A)-Charvaka-Jain -Budhaa
Indian Philosophy-First paper (Part B)-Mimansha Philosophy-School of Vedanta-Sri Aurobindo
Indian Philosophy-First paper (Part B)-NyayaVaisheshika-Sankhya-Yoga
Social-Political philosophy-Second paper(Part A)
Social-Political philosophy-Second paper(Part B)
Philosophy of religion
Western Philosophy (Plato to Hegal)
Contemporary Western Philosophy



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