Old NCERT  Geography MCQ VI to XII Kiran Institute of Career Excellence English Medium 

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Old NCERT  Geography MCQ VI to XII Kiran Institute of Career Excellence English Medium 

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Old NCERT  Geography MCQ VI to XII Kiran Institute of Career Excellence English Medium 
Total Pages:- 350
Geography Class-VI
1.The Earth in Our Solar System
2.How Globes and Maps Help Us
3.Latitudes and Longitudes
4.Motions of the Earth
5.Realms of the Earth
6.Africa-Land, Climate, Resources and their Utilization
7.Land of Forests-Democratic Republic of Congo
8.Land Of Palm Oil-Nigeria
9.The Gift of the Nile-The Arab Republic of Egypt
10.Land of Gold and Diamonds-South Africa
11.South America-Land, Climate, Resources and their Utilization
12.The Coffee Pot of the World-Brazil
13.The Land of Wheat and Cattle-Argentina
14.Australia-Land and Climate
15.Australia-Resources and their Utlization
16.The White Continent-Antarctica

Geography Class-VII
1.The Atmosphere and Its Temperature
2.Air on the Move
3.Water in the Air
4.Local Weather and the Sky
5.Ocean Waters and Their Circulation
6.North America-Land and Climate
7.North America-Resources and their Utilization
8.The United States of America
10.Europe-Land and Climate
11.Europe-Resources and their Utilization
12.The United Kingdom,France and Germany
13.Russia:A Country of two continents

Geography Class-VIII
1.Studying Local Maps
2.Inside the Earth
3.Changing Landforms
4.Sculpturing of the Landscape
5.Land Forms Made by Ground Water,Winds,Glaciers and Sea Waves
6.Asia:The Physical Landscape
7.Asia:People and Natural Resources
8.Our Western and Northern Neighbours
9.Our Eastern and Southern Neighbours
10.Indonesia and Malaysia
11.China and Japan
12.India: The Land
13.The Climate
14.Natural Resources
17.Trade, Transport and Communication
18.Human Resources

Geography Class-IX
1.Our Environmet Components and Process
2.Face of the Land
3.Realms of Water
4.The Air Around us
6.Maps as aid to understanding Environment
7.Our Growing Numbers
8.Human Occupations
9.Our Resources
10.Human Life in Natural Regions of the World
11.Human Impact on Environment
12.Area Development-Case Studies

Geography Class-X
1.Physical Features
3.The Flora, theFauna and the soils
4.Land Usee and Water Resources
5.Mineral and Power Resources
6.Diverifying our Agriculture
7.Progress of industries
8.Transport, Communication and International Trade

Geography Class-XI
1.Geography as a Discipline
2.The Earth-Its Origin and Evolution
3.Interior of the Earth
4.Material of the Earth’s Crust
5.Earth Movements, volcanoes and Earthquakes
6.Landforms and Their Significance
8.The Underground Water
9.The Process of Gradation
10.Composition and Structure of the Atmosphere
11.Insolation and Temperature
12.Atmospheric Pressure, Winds and aIRMASSES
13.Moisture in the Atmosphere
14.Classification of Climates
15.The Profile of the Ocean Floor
16.Ocean Waters and their Circulation
17.Marine Life and Deposits
18.Man and Oceans

Geography Class-XII
1.Natural Resoures of India
2.Main Features of Agriculture
3.Manufacturing Industries
4.Transport System
5.Regional Development

Geography Class-XII
1.India:The Loctional Setting
2.Relief and Drainage
4.Soils and Natural Vegetation
5.Reegions of India
6.The People of India
7.Population of India:Spatial Distribution and Growth
8.Population Composition:Demographic Attributes
9.Population Composition:Ethinic and Socio-Cultural Attributes
10.Human Settlement and House Types
11.Unity in Diversity