Mc Graw Hill UPPSC – UPPCS Uttar Pradesh Ek Samagra Adhyayan By Rakesh Saraswat 2nd Edition Book


Mc Graw Hill UPPSC – UPPCS Uttar Pradesh Ek Samagra Adhyayan By Rakesh Saraswat 2nd Edition Book Hindi Medium 

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Mc Graw Hill UPPSC – UPPCS Uttar Pradesh Ek Samagra Adhyayan By Rakesh Saraswat 2nd Edition Book Original Book Hindi Medium

This book is written with the aim of addressing UPPSC State Services Preliminary & Mains Examination as well as other UP State PSC Examinations. It is our endeavour to provide an up-to-date format with model questions in the book as well as the questions of the previous years. The topic wise classification and chapter wise division of the book has been kept in such a way that its easier for the students to understand the subjects. In the analysis of the answer, it will be taken care that all the concepts associated to the question’s correct answer and other options are provided to the students. The book will continue with recently released Uttar Pradesh government budget 2022 23 and Economic Survey 2022 2023 along with the simplest interpretation of the complex data. The book’s authentic content has been comprised in such a way that it is easier to read and understand the content.

Key Features
• Latest news related to UP Government Elections to be updated
• Reports on health and other surveys to be updated as per the latest data released
• Economic Budget to be updated as per the latest data
• Chapter on current affairs to be revised as per the latest trends
• UPPSC Mains 2021 solved questions to be updated in the revised edition
• Solved previous years’ questions from Preliminary examination
• Model Question Papers for Main examination
• Latest data and graphs along with illustrative and informative boxes · Uttar Pradesh Budget 2022 – 23 and current affairs updates in separate chapters


Part I History of Uttar Pradesh
2 Uttar Pradesh: Ancient History
3 Uttar Pradesh: Medieval History
4 Uttar Pradesh: Modern History
5 Contribution of Uttar Pradesh to the Freedom Struggle
6 Uttar Pradesh: Freedom Fighters

Part II Art and Culture of Uttar Pradesh
7 Uttar Pradesh: Architecture and Sculpture
8 Uttar Pradesh: Paintings and Crafts
9 Uttar Pradesh: Music, Dance and Theatre
10 Uttar Pradesh: Languages and Literature
11 Uttar Pradesh: Fairs and Festivals
12 Uttar Pradesh: Tourism
13 Uttar Pradesh: Tourist Places

Part III Education & Health in Uttar Pradesh
14 Uttar Pradesh: Education
15 Uttar Pradesh: Health
16 Uttar Pradesh: Journalism

Part IV Geography of Uttar Pradesh
17 Uttar Pradesh: Geological Structure and Physical Division
18 Uttar Pradesh: Rivers, Lakes and Other Drainage System
19 Uttar Pradesh: Soils
20 Uttar Pradesh: Climate
21 Uttar Pradesh: Irrigation – Sources and Projects
22 Uttar Pradesh: Forest, Wildlife and Sanctuaries
23 Uttar Pradesh: Mineral Resources
24 Uttar Pradesh: Energy Resources
25 Uttar Pradesh: Transport and Communication 147
26 Uttar Pradesh: Demographic Profile
27 Uttar Pradesh: Division and District Profile

Part V Society of Uttar Pradesh
28 Uttar Pradesh: Social Structure and Social Issues
29 Uttar Pradesh: Social Empowerment, Strategy & Consequences
30 Uttar Pradesh: Scheduled Tribes and its Problems
31 Uttar Pradesh: Urbanization Trends and its Problems

Part VI Polity and Governance of Uttar Pradesh
32 Uttar Pradesh: Political and Administrative System
33 Uttar Pradesh: Legislature
34 Uttar Pradesh: Judiciary
35 Uttar Pradesh: Local Government
36 Uttar Pradesh: Constitutional and Non-constitutional Bodies
37 Uttar Pradesh: Transparency in Governance, E-governance Applications

Part VII Economy of Uttar Pradesh
38 Uttar Pradesh: Nature and Main Features of the Economy
39 Uttar Pradesh: Economic Development
40 Uttar Pradesh: Agriculture and Animal Husbandry
41 Uttar Pradesh: Horticulture and Food Processing
42 Uttar Pradesh: Industries and Manufacturing Sector
43 Uttar Pradesh: Sugarcane Development and Sugar Industry
44 Uttar Pradesh: Handloom and Textile Industry
45 Uttar Pradesh: Inclusive Growth and Employment
46 Uttar Pradesh: Economic Planning
47 Uttar Pradesh: Major Polices and Schemes

Part VIII Science -Technology and Environment of Uttar Pradesh
48 Uttar Pradesh: Science and Technology
49 Uttar Pradesh: Achievements in Science and Technology
50 Uttar Pradesh: Information Technology
51 Uttar Pradesh: Environment, Ecology and Biodiversity
52 Uttar Pradesh: Environmental Pollution- Impact and Management

Part IX Security and Safety in Uttar Pradesh
53 Uttar Pradesh: Law and Order and Civil Defence
54 Uttar Pradesh: Challenges of Security and Human Trafficking at International

Part X Appendices
55 Uttar Pradesh: Current Affairs
56 Uttar Pradesh: Miscellaneous

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