Insight IAS Insta Mains Exclusive Environment 2022 English Medium

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Insight IAS Insta Mains Exclusive Environment 2022 English Medium

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Insight IAS Insta Mains Exclusive Environment 2022 English Medium
Total Pages- 86
Climate Change
1. Impacts Of Climate Change
2. Urban Heat Island
3. Impact Of Sea Level Rise On India
4. Infrastructure For Resilient Island States
5. Climate Vulnerability Index
6. Climate Change Performance Index
7. Groundswell Report On Climate Change
8. India Unveils Its Arctic Policy
9. India’s Stand At Cop-26
10. Sixth Assessment Report (Ar6) Of Ipcc
11. Carbon Pricing
12. Marine Heatwaves
13. India, Russia Blocked Move To Take Climate Change To Unsc
14. Clean, Healthy And Sustainable Environment, A Universal Right
15. Nature-Based Solutions To Tackle Climate Change

1. Changes To Biological Diversity Act, 2002
2. Wild Life (Protection) Amendment Bill, 2021
3. Invasive Species
4. Sundarbans Threatened By Human Activities
5. Central Asian Flyway

Air Pollution
1. Who Air Pollution Guidelines
2. World Air Quality Report 2021
3. Ethanol Blend In Petrol
4. Nhrc Flags Pollution Effect On Human Rights
5. Endosulfan Victims Case
6. Fly Ash
7. Feasibility Of A Blanket Ban On Firecrackers
8. Stubble Burning
9. Global Methane Pledge
10. National Mission On Use Of Biomass In Coal Based Thermal Power

11. Why Does India Need A Transition Strategy Away From Fossil Fuel
12. Lessons From China’s Pollution Control
13. Flex Fuel Vehicles

Renewable Energy
1. Why Renewable Energy
2. India’s Renewable Energy Challenge
3. Solar Energy In India
4. Impact Of Solar Energy On Ecology
5. Rooftop Solar Scheme
6. India’s Role
7. Offshore Wind Energy
8. Green Hydrogen

Forest, Deforestation And Desertification
1. International Day Of Forests
2. Forest Fires
3. Forest Restoration
4. World Forestry Congress Adopts Seoul Forest Declaration
5. Tiger Density In India
6. Cheetah Reintroduction Project
7. Human Animal Conflict
8. Unep Frontiers Report
9. Kasturirangan Committee On Western Ghats
10. Compensatory Afforestation Fund Management And Planning

Authority (Campa)

Water Management
1. India’s Water Management Practices
2. World Water Day
3. Drought In Numbers, 2022 Report
4. Ammonia In Yamuna
5. Sabarmati River Conservation
6. ‘Nal Se Jal’ Yojana
7. State Of The World’s Land And Water Resources For Food And

8. Terrestrial Water Storage (Tws)
9. International Blue Flag Certification
10. Water Convention
11. Circular Water Management

Waste Management
1. E-Waste
2. E-Waste (Management) Rules, 2016
3. Plastic Waste Management
4. Single-Use Plastics
5. World’s Marine Plastic Pollution
6. Guidelines On Extended Producers Responsibility (Epr) On Plastic

7. Unea Plastic Pollution Resolution
8. Lead Poisoning
9. Solid Waste Management (Swm) In Urban Areas

International Environmental Convention
1. Stockholm Convention On Pops
2. Kunming Declaration On Biodiversity Conservation
3. Montreal Protocol
4. World Sustainable Development Summit

Coral Bleaching
1. What Is Coral Bleaching?
2. Coral Bleaching At The Great Barrier Reef
3. Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network

1. Benefits Of Mangroves
2. Threats To Mangrove Ecosytem
3. Sunderbans Mangroves
4. Conservation Of Mangroves
5. Mangrove Conservation And Sustainable Development Goals (Sdgs):
6. Way Forward

1. Wetlands
2. World Wetlands Day
3. Assam Wetland At Risk

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