IAS Baba’s 60 Day Rapid Revision Rare Prelims Series 2022 Polity Part-I English Medium 

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IAS Baba’s 60 Day Rapid Revision Rare Prelims Series 2022 Polity Part-I English Medium 

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IAS Baba’s 60 Day Rapid Revision Rare Prelims Series 2022 Polity Part-I English Medium 
Total Pages- 66
1. Evolution of Indian Legislature
2. Evolution of Separate electorates and Poona pact
3. Evolution of Indian federalism
4. Morley Minto Reforms
5. Government of India act 1919.
6. Government of India act 1935.
7. Union vs. territory of India
8. Constitutionalism – limited government
9. Parliamentary system – responsible government
10. Federalism – vs. unitary system.
11. Separation of powers and checks and balances
12. Reorganization of states – committees and chronology
13. Domicile vs. citizenship – NPR vs. NRC.
14. Justiciability of ideals of constitution
15. Getting and losing a citizenship – Mehul Choksi case.
16. Current status of fundamental rights with respect to DPSPs
17. Fundamental, constitutional and legal rights
18. Absolute and non-absolute fundamental rights
19. Fundamental rights specific to citizens and otherwise
20. Education – FR, DPSP as well as FD
21. DPSP and welfare state.
22. Enforceability and justiciability of DPSPs.
23. Writ petitions and principles of locus standi.
24. Personal Data Protection Bill.
25. New IT rules and liberty.
26. Pegasus and Privacy.
27. Justiciability of Fundamental duties – national honors act.
28. Indira Sawhney case – its recent violations there off.
29. Shatrughan Chauhan case and right to life
30. Powers and limitations of state governments to provide reservations.
31. Gist of 42nd amendment
32. Gist of 44th Amendment
33. Pardoning power of president
34. Governor’s pardon power overrides 433A
35. Recent amendments – 101st, 102nd, 103rd……
36. The Constitution (Scheduled Tribes) Order (Amendment) Bill, 2021
37. Right of an institution to get government aid is not a fundamental right.
38. SC judgment on 97th constitutional amendment act.
39. Criteria and election procedures of president
40. Criteria and election procedure of Vice President
41. Legislative powers of president.
42. Vice president as acting President
43. President’s power to assent a state’s bill
44. Definition of Council of ministers and cabinet – as per constitution
45. Duties of Prime Minister with respect to President
46. Types of majorities
47. Power of speaker with respect to defection
48. Devices of parliamentary proceedings – question hour, zero hour, etc.,
49. The two kinds of financial bills
50. Financial committees of parliament
51. Other parliamentary committees
52. Suspension of MPs
53. MPLADS scheme
54. Lapse of a bill
55. Private members bill
56. Charged Expenditure on CFI
57. Different motions of parliament
58. Leader of opposition in India
59. Model code of conduct
60. Anticipatory bail
61. Contingency Fund and Public Accounts fund
62. National Disaster Relief Fund and PM relief fund
63. Election Commission
64. Important clauses of RPA
65. Defection and the recent cases
66. Committees on electoral reforms
67. Electoral Bonds
68. Functions of Speaker and deputy speaker
69. Enactment of Budget
70. Election Machinery
71. Home ministry’s notification on OCI
72. Status of Uniform civil codes in India
73. Reservation in promotions for persons with disabilities
74. India legal system regarding sacrilege
75. Right to be forgotten