IAS Baba’s 60 Day Rapid Revision Rare Prelims Series 2022 Economy Part-I English Medium

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IAS Baba’s 60 Day Rapid Revision Rare Prelims Series 2022 Economy Part-I English Medium

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IAS Baba’s 60 Day Rapid Revision Rare Prelims Series 2022 Economy Part-I English Medium
Total Pages- 64
1. Overview of GDP, GNP, GDP, GDI calculation
2. GDP vs. GVA
3. Employment and unemployment survey in India
4. Different types of unemployment in India
5. Labor force participation rate
6. All-India Survey on Domestic Workers
7. Economic Survey 2022 on Poverty and Unemployment
8. Budget 2022 – what it gives for poor and unemployed.
9. Wage Rate Index (WRI)
10. Steps taken by government for v shaped recovery
11. Purchase manufacturing Index
12. Manufacturing risk Index
13. World Bank Support to India’s Informal Working Class
14. Government schemes on Poverty
15. Government schemes on Unemployment
16. Poverty line and the comparison with WB’s definition
17. Committees set up to estimate poverty in India
18. India’s performance in Multi Poverty Index
19. How is poverty calculated in India?
20. MDGs and SDGs – a bird eye view
21. Labor code on Industrial Relations
22. Code on Occupational Safety, Health and Working Conditions
23. Code on Social Security.
24. Poverty gap in India
25. Gini coefficient and Lorenz curve
26. Thomas Piketty’s report on India’s inequality
27. Status of India’s demographic dividend.
28. Skill development in India.
29. Government initiatives to inculcate entrepreneurial skills – SPIN, SCALE and other schemes.
30. State specific SDG Index in India
31. Inflation, Depression, Recession
32. Deflation, disinflation and stagflation
33. Fiscal deficit and inflation
34. Currency devaluation and inflation
35. Impact of imports and exports and inflation
36. Impact of inflation on interest rates
37. Impact of inflation on the stock market
38. Monetary policies and inflation
39. Measures taken by RBI to manage COVID times
40. Recent measures taken by govt to curb inflation
41. Financial Inclusion Index
42. RoDTEP Scheme
43. Gati Shakti master plan
44. Oil and green Bonds
45. International Bullion exchange
46. Money multiplier effect
47. Digital currency in India
48. Repo, reverse repo, CRR
50. Shadow Bank, weak bank, bank run
51. RRBs, Development Banks, Merchant Banks
53. Cooperative Banks, DCC Banks
54. Various Kinds of NBFCs
55. Capital Risk Weighted Asset Ratio
56. Ubharte Sitaare Alternative Investment Fund
57. Financial Stability and Development Council (FSDC) Meeting
58. Transport and Marketing Assistance (TMA) scheme
59. Input Tax Credit (ITC)
60. Service Exports from India Scheme