History Old Original NCERT English Medium Class- XI to XII Combo Set (03 Booklets)

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History Old Original NCERT English Medium Class- XI to XII Combo Set (03 Booklets)

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History Old Original NCERT English Medium Class- XI to XII Combo Set (03 Booklets)
Total Pages- 800
Total-03 Booklets
Book-01 Ancient India Class-XI
Chapter 1:- The Importance of ancient indian History
Chapter 2:-Modern Historians of ancient History
Chapter 3:-Types of Sources and Historical Construction
Chapter 4:-The Geographical Setting
Chapter 5:-The Stone Age: The Early Man
Chapter 6:-Chalcolithic Farming Cultures
Chapter 7:-The Harappan Culture: Bronze Age Civilization
Chapter 8:- Advent of the aryans and the age of the rig veda
Chapter 9:- The Later Vedic Phase: transition to the State and Social Orders
Chapter 10:-Jainism and Buddhism
Chapter 11:-Territorial States and the First Magadhan Empire
Chapter 12:-Iranian and Mecedonian Invasions
Chapter 13:-State and Varna Society in the age of the Buddha
Chapter 14:-The age of the Mauryas
Chapter 15:-Significance of the maurya rule
Chapter 16:-Central Asian Contacts and Their Results
Chapter 17:-The age of the Satavahanas
Chapter 18:-The Dawn of History in the Deep South
Chapter 19:-Crafts, Trade and Towns in the Post-Maurya age
Chapter 20:-The Rise and Growth of the Gupta Empire
Chapter 21:-Life in the Gupta age
Chapter 22:-Spread of civilization in Eastern india
Chapter 23:-Harsha and his times
Chapter 24:-Formation of new States and Rural Expansion in the Peninsula
Chapter 25:-Developments in Philosophy
Chapter 26:-india’s Cultural Contacts with the Asian Countries
Chapter 27:-Transformation of the Ancient Phase
Chapter 28:-Sequence of Social Changes
Chapter 29:-Legacy in science and civilization

Book-02 Medieval India Class-XI
1.India And The World
2.Northern India: Age Of The Three Empires
3.The Chola Empire (From The Ninth to the Twelfth Century)
4.Economics And Social Life Education And Religious Beliefs (1800-1200)
5.The Age Of Conflict (Circa 1000-1200)
6.The Delhi Sultanat-I (Circa 1200-1400)
7.The Delhi Sultanat-II (Circa 1200-1400)
8.Government and Economics And Social Life Under The Delhi Sultanat
9.The Age Of Viyayanagara And The Bahmanids And the Coming 112 of the Portuguese (Circa 1350-1565)
10.Struggle For Empire In Noeth India -I (Circa 1400-1525)
11.Cultural Development In India
12.Struggle For Empire In North India -II
13.Consolidation of the Mughal Empire (age of Akbari)
14.The Decan and South India (up to 1656)
15.India in the First Half of the Seventeenth Century
16.Economics and Social Life Under The Mughals
17.Cultural and Religious Developments
18.Climax And Disintegration of the Mughal Empire – I
19.Climax And Disintegration of the Mughal Empire – II
20.Assessment and review

Book-03 Modern India Class-XII
Chapter:-1 India In The Eighteenth Century
Chapter:-2 European Penetration And The British Conquest Of India
Chapter:-3 The Structure Of Government And The Economic
Chapter:-4 Administrative Organisation And Social And Cultural Policies
Chapter:-5 Social And Cultural Awakening In The First Half Of The 19th Century
Chapter:-6 The Revolt Of 1857
Chapter:-7 Administrative Changes After 1858
Chapter:-8 Economics Impact Of The British Rule
Chapter:-9 Growth Of New India-The Nationalist Movement, 1858-1905
Chapter:-10 Growth Of New India-Religious And Social Reform After 1858
Chapter:-11 Nationalist Movement, 1905-1908: Growth Of Militant Nationalism
Chapter:-12 Struggle For Swaraj – I(1919-1927)
Chapter:-13 Struggle For Swaraj – II (1927-1947)