Forum Ias 9pm Compilation For The Month of September 2021 English Medium


Forum Ias 9pm Compilation For The Month of September 2021 English Medium

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Forum Ias 9pm Compilation September 2021 English Medium

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General Studies – 2
1. Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) has great potential in government applications
2. Biofortified food can lead India from food security to nutrition security
3. Time to bury Mudra ‘loan mela’ (On MUDRA loans)
4. Towards a more humane race
5. Guarding Democracy
6. The purpose of literature
7. The broken promise of justice in rape cases
8. Seize the opportunity to institutionalise accountability
9. Soft power, India’s strength in Afghanistan
10. Taliban has put geo-economics on top in India-US ties
11. Key priorities for employment policy
12. The vaccine’s last mile problem
13. Still hanging fire on transparency
14. Marital Rape: An indignity to women.
15. 7 years of PM Jan Dhan Yojana
16. Break the deadlock: Increase women’s representation
17. The strategic signal of an Indian presence in the South China Sea
18. Its time to build BRICS better
19. Making the Paralympics count
20. The next step in democratic evolution is overdue
21. Where liberalism and nationalism are placed in Asia
22. Better policing, please: Court observations on investigations in Delhi riots should be
required reading for all major police forces
23. The Paralympic paradox
24. Three doses not two: Israel sets new benchmark for full vaccination. It is on India’s horizon
as well
25. What the global flow of guns tell us about how states fail
26. Noble intentions: About the UNSC resolution on Taliban
27. India’s humanitarian missions are guided by Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam
28. CJI flags “Communal content” in media
29. Why a Caste Census is needed-and why it may not see light of the day
30. To tackle nutrition challenges, we must also address sanitation issues
31. The judicial role in improving law making: The key to revitalising India’s reservation
32. The key to revitalising India’s reservation system
33. The world is changing rapidly and teachers must meet its challenges
34. Inside the unfolding healthtech revolution
35. Data regulation is undergoing a significant revolution
36. A Taliban-led Afghanistan and the Chinese conundrum
37. Karbi Anglong peace deal points the importance of addressing small insurgencies that
scar Northeast landscape
38. Grow up, states: CMs should know central resource transfer won’t go up. They must
fix their own finances
39. Spirit of federalism lies in the constitution
40. Its time for national conservation on how to live with the virus
41. Non Binary genders need more visibility in India’s Census 2021
42. Needed: A tribunal for CAPF
43. Making them pay: About the regulation of Big techs
44. Redefining the reservation policy
45. Politics vs governance (On Urban Cooperative Banks)
46. India’s presidency of the UNSC fortified our role in world affairs
47. A questionable quota policy
48. Practice of reserving cadre posts for certain services is exclusionary, must be reconsidered
49. Ideas of propriety must not be used by courts to control and silence lawyers
50. A reality check for higher education dreams
51. A new Vajpayee moment for the troubled Indian telecom sector
52. The national security discourse is changing
53. How India and Germany can work together to tackle climate change
54. Terra pharma: A new drugs legislation must keep the pharma sector growing while
safeguarding consumer interest
51. Let central banks stay focused on their goals
52. IIT success as B-schools is a sign of a more expansive education vision taking root at
premier engineering institutions
53. Nursing syllabus gets a major revamp
54. A selective nuclear policy
55. The Quad must be flexible to counter China’s many strategies across a wide range of issues
56. Shifts and stagnancy in the caste profile of our asset rich and poor
57. Regulatory limbo: Digital markets are fast expanding. We need an umbrella law for
58. How to boost financial inclusion
59. Women self-help groups: Funding alone does not work; the government needs to
listen in
60. COVID-19, kidney injury and need for vaccine shot
61. Political incentives for populism could let India’s democracy down
62. Can the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation be the regional body that stabilises
63. Archakas of all hues : About reforms in Temples
64. How India ramped up its vaccination drive
65. Should children be giving COVID 19 jabs
66. Partners in the Indo Pacific
67. Instead of denying slide in democratic values, India must work to fix it
68. Democracy of Producers
69. We Ignore True Secularism At Our Own Peril
70. Where is the strategy for dealing with learning loss during Covid?
71. Hardly the India- China century Deng envisioned
72. As children come back to school, they will need both time and patience
73. Recruit transgenders to foster greater diversity
74. E-Shram needs some hard work to get going
75. Going down the wrong path
76. Two democracies and their vigilante problem
77. Breaking the Glass Walls: On gender equality
78. Explained: The AUKUS agreement to equip Australia with n-subs – About Nuclear
79. Dominance by default: How China was handed East Asia on a platter
80. Act and Friction: On appointment to tribunals
81. Who is the hollow CAA really meant to protect?
82. A spike – India must prioritise vaccines to States and districts that are at greatest infection
83. Nutrition through biofortification
84. Inequity and injustice writ large – Regarding NEET
85. Our Courts are Infra Vires
86. Fund and Faculty count in higher education rankings
87. NRC is final, rules Assam Foreigners’ Tribunal
88. Tackling Hate Speech
89. With AUKUS dividing the Western bloc, is there a role for India?
90. A new water policy for India
91. What counts is seldom counted: About Census
92. Creating citizen centric police
93. India warns of reciprocal measures if UK doesnt recognise COVISHIELD
94. Let’s rework incentive structures to boost IBC recovery
95. Citizen scorecards for better accountability
96. Judiciary must reexamine how it has viewed citizenship questions in Assam
97. The importance of Quad meeting amidst current geopolitical flux
98. A disease surveillance system, for the future
99. Make departments smart, first
100. How Poshan vatikas can help bridge the nutrition
101. Ex Gratia: Why GOI should pay, Compensating Death
102. Building more inclusive, welcoming schools for LGBTQ+ children
103. Complex count: On caste census
104. India dithered over projecting naval power. Now it’s been pushed to the sidelines of the
General Studies – 3
1. Genetically changed mosquitoes could transform Africa’s long fight against malaria
2. Infrastructure development and eco-conservation should go hand-in-hand
3. It makes sense to extract value from underutilized public assets (On Asset monetisation)
4. GoI Plus India Inc (On lack of trust b/w govt & businesses)
5. Getting finance onside for climate
6. Banks could end up beholden to online platforms with reach
7. World freed from toxic leaded petrol: A global win
8. Making NMP work
9. How private businesses imperil our health as well as prosperity
10. India is indeed walking the green talk
11. Conserving groundwater: Role of women crucial in bringing about significant change
12. A Power Cut For India
13. Sand and dust storms impact over 500 million in India: Study
14. Land, freshwater species in Asia-Pacific impacted by plastic pollution: UN Study
15. Substantial Investment Subsidies for Solar Power
16. The truth about asset monetisation
17. Social Stock Exchanges: A Chance to Invest into Our Future
18. Policy harmonization will help our MSMEs create jobs
19. Does the economy need more people?
20. India must commit to net zero emissions
21. How Israel’s expertise in climate innovation can help India
22. Let’s talk land sinks: Are they enough to beat global warming
23. Integrity of insolvency processes: A tough ask
24. Fleeting cheer (On impact of COVID on GDP and the future scenario)
25. Gauging household income key for microfinance clients
26. Our banks are mispricing capital and this is simply unsustainable
27. Douse the farm fire – “Stubble burning Issue”
28. Long-feared space junk has become an imminent threat
29. Credit Where It’s Due – “on credit growth”
30. Is monetising public assets a good idea?
31. Our export efforts hold the key to growth in the quarters ahead
32. Digitalize all supply chains to unlock trade efficiencies
33. From Legs to Minds – ” On Software industry in India”
34. Chipped & vulnerable: GoI must make public investments to encourage private
manufacturing in strategic semiconductor industry
35. Govt-industry talks on proposed FTAs with EU-Australia at premature stage
36. What ails India’s coronavirus genome sequencing system
37. From Four to 500: How citizens joined naturally to save nature in Kharghar
38. Delhi government shouldn’t congratulate itself on CCTV coverage
39. Drug debacle: Endangered vulture population still under threat
40. National monetization pipeline betrays narrow outlook
41. Another IBC fix? (On a Code of Conduct for CoC)
42. Public sector banks and corporate governance
43. Millets could help India mitigate malnutrition and climate change
44. Carbon neutrality powered by AI
45. Drone’s Economic Impact Will Match Internet’s
46. Hidden costs of renewable power in compulsory purchases of RE for discoms
47. The long and the short of the NMP
48. The e-Rupi could take us a long way towards financial inclusion
49. India’s digital architecture: From infrastructure to superstructure
50. Protect Digital India: About the challenges associated with banning VPNs
51. Decoding asset monetisation
52. India’s tryst with the promise of a hydrogen-fuel economy
53. Climate crisis in North East India: Why are rainfall patterns changing?
54. How India is positioned to achieve UN’s sustainable consumption and production goal
55. Why Palm won’t fix India’s edible oil woes
56. Rolling out the EV charging network
57. The employment dividend from exports
58. The economic reforms — looking back to look ahead
59. Central banks must stop pussyfooting on climate
60. Where’s The V-Shaped Recovery?
61. Wildfire burn scars can intensify and even trigger thunderstorms, here’s how?
62. How India’s food systems must respond to the climate crisis
63. Making green hydrogen viable demands financial, tech support to lower costs
64. The irrelevance of Indian GDP estimates to most of our citizens
65. Terror didn’t win: 9/11 changed democratic countries in some unlovely ways. But
democracies stayed on track
66. What Chandrayaan-2 has sent
67. Climate crisis in North East India: What is behind water scarcity in the region
68. Trading Orangutans for palm oil
69. Climate change impacts food and nutritional security — Earth needs regenerative
70. No offshore wind project has commenced in India: Are we on track for 30 GW by
71. A very consequential Supreme Court ruling: When govt values land unjustly,
landowners cannot seek full remedy in lower courts
72. How the world — and India — changed in the 20 years after 9/11
73. Green-unready: On funding high-impact climate solutions
74. There’s a major new risk in town and it’s called crypto
75. A step backward: On unemployment in India
76. Winners and losers in shipping crisis
77. Organic farming should never be turned into an article of faith
78. Cleaning the Yamuna a story of missed deadlines
79. Cybersecurity can be made agile with zero-shot AI
80. Urban safety net: On urban-MGNREGA
81. Criticism of the IBC’s recovery record is unwarranted
82. BRICS: 2021 vs 2013: About Taper Tantrum and Economy of BRICS nations
83. India’s ‘early harvest’ trade deals could run into trouble
84. How banks can lose $60 billion to cybercash highways
85. Big Lesson From Small Nation: On import substitution
86. Can unicorns solve the country’s youth unemployment problem?
87. Powering ahead in the future
88. Partnership with US could help India meet renewable energy targets
89. Faltering on privatisation
90. Behind the Great Indian Internet Shutdown
91. Should Facebook let the Taliban post
92. ‘Know the enemy, know self’ is sound professional advice
93. India’s revamped FTA strategy
94. There finally seems to be a path forward for GST. Centre and states must strike
95. Transient easing: On inflation
96. Cabinet approves major Reforms in Telecom Sector
97. How green is my central bank
98. Clean energy prospects beyond the 100GW milestone
99. The PLI plan for our automotive sector can accelerate its success
100. Bringing woolly mammoths back from extinction might not be such a bad idea —
ethicists explain
101. National Monetisation Pipeline shows promise — and limits
102. Private 5G networks: The next battle call
103. A Job to do: On unemployment in India
104. Bad bank will help clean up balance sheets, but credit culture must change for
healthier financial system
105. Thailand’s approach for sustainable development and building back better
106. Structural changes in GST
107. New hope in private investment?
108. An existential crisis for the banking sector?
109. Ease of doing business at risk if issue of appointments to tribunals is not resolved
110. India must shed obsession with ‘marginal farmers’. Their future lies outside farms —
in dairy, poultry, food retail
111. Utilize a rear-view mirror for further telecom reforms
112. Gig economy workers need more protection of their rights
113. The difference education makes to what the salaried earn in India
114. How effective is CPCB in its management of e-waste?
115. How sustainable is India’s exports boom?
116. Swooping down on algorithms
117. Focus on agri-exports
118. Jack Ma’s point on collateral-free lending holds relevance in India
119. Changing the agri exports basket
120. More companies pledge ‘net-zero’ emissions to fight climate change, but what does
that really mean?
121. How new global tax rules may reshape India?
122. A flawed calculation of inflation
123. Regaining fiscal balance
124. The state of agriculture in India is only going from bad to worse
125. A climate change narrative that India can steer
126. Managing risks of a green economy
127. Human resources & regulatory autonomy
128. India’s consumer map is rapidly being redrawn by major trends
129. WHO’s new air quality standards underline the health-pollution link. It’s timpolicies
take a holistic approach
130. Missing skills: Low employability calls for academia-industry link
131. The Unicorn Stampede
132. When global firms disengage, employment suffers
133. Why India must strengthen its public sector
134. The trouble with containing China



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