Forum Ias 9pm Compilation For The Month of October 2021 English Medium


Forum Ias 9pm Compilation For The Month of October 2021 English Medium

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Forum Ias 9pm Compilation For The Month of October 2021 English Medium

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General Studies – 1
1. The founder of a Mini India
2. Gandhi and Savarkar shared goal of independence, differed on means
3. Movers and shapers: On Migrant workers
General Studies – 2
1. India quest for a road to Central Asia
2. Making parties constitutional
3. The proposal to link Aadhaar with Voter ID is unconstitutional
4. NS2 A win-win proposition: About Nord Stream 2
5. A Quad alliance for emerging technology
6. Reimagining food systems with lessons from India
7. Let us revitalize multilateralism: The future of the world is at stake
8. Peace at the heart of education
9. Digital health mission in a click? Not yet
10. Explained: Why do the Pandora Papers matter?
11. An inclusive plan for healthcare systems to be built back better
12. Hello Taiwan: New Delhi should boost ties with Taipei not just because of Chinese threat.
There are other benefits
13. An alphabet soup New Delhi need to sift through
14. Why India’s ancient republics need to be recognised for their place in world history
15. If Data Is Poor, Governance Will Be Poorer
16. India and the geopolitics of the moon
17. Lessons from the death of the ease of doing business index
18. The challenge of going back to school
19. NIRF ranking does not give full picture of higher education in India
20. On Digital Health ID, proceed with caution
21. Trade multilateralism at risk
22. The motherhood penalty employers must eliminate
23. Use the latest research to combat child under-nutrition
24. A strategy for India in a world that is adrift
25. The Indian women’s movement can only grow by being inclusive
26. The pandemic is a reminder of education being a public good
27. Right to protest in and on Lakhimpur Kheri needs to be protected, the legal quibble can
come later
28. Decentralised renewable energy solutions offer great promises for healthcare facilities
29. Stronger at the grassroots: On strengthening Panchayati Raj Institutions
30. There’s an urgent need to clean up the World Bank and IMF
31. A ‘Taiwan flashpoint’ in the Indo-Pacific
32. Let HC Judges retire when SC Judges do, At 65
33. The next step is a constitutional right to health
34. How Delhi came to see Europe as a valuable strategic partner
35. Explained: The Ease of Doing Business rankings controversy
36. The sanctions clouds over India US Ties
37. Sowing better to eat better
38. Aiding Afghans: On G20 meeting on Afghanistan
39. Freebies, handouts and other myths loved by income taxpayers
40. Bombay High Court POSH guidelines risk silencing victims of sexual harassment
41. NHRC’s remit: Human rights body has an incredibly important job, Praising govt is not part
of it
42. Doctor cure thyself: On revising queerphobic medical textbooks
43. NEET hasn’t created the equality of opportunity it had promised
44. Countering the Chinese Threat
45. Three dark clouds over the Bretton Woods twins
46. The world refugees must also be shielded from Covid
47. A shadow foreign policy for the first time
48. India and the new Quad in West Asia
49. The decline of the Budget school
50. EU, Indian and the Indo Pacific
51. How woman lawyers are kept out of litigation
52. Is the Indian foreign-policy ship changing course?: About India-Afghanistan relations
53. One Nation One Ration Card: Good intention but implementation may be difficult
54. Explained: IMF outlook and status of jobs
55. Geo-Economics Of Two Quads
56. Why India needs an international development cooperation agency
57. Towards zero hunger
58. What is PLI for?
59. Engaging the Taliban
60. The process is the punishment
61. Beyond percentages: A test for promises on women’s representation
62. Is there a good way for a political party to achieve internal democracy
63. US-China missile rivalry opens up new opportunities for India
64. Aiding Afghanistan: On both humanitarian and strategic grounds, India must provide
succour to ordinary Afghans
65. Step towards more LGBTQIA+ affirmative medical curriculum doesn’t go far enough
66. India’s Central Asian outreach
67 Transcending borders and boundaries
68. We mustn’t lose time on enacting a data protection law
69. Clear regulations: On digital gold
70. Heady reform: On cannabis use
71. China’s Border Law: The Why, What & What Next
72. Can quash SC/ST Act cases if ‘civil’ offence: Top Court
73. A bubbles of Trust approach
74. The perils of an unresolved boundary
75. Migrants Keep India Moving
76. Cost of Doing Business
77. Clearing the air on water: On Parambikulam Aliyar Project
78. Our children don’t need a ‘deshbhakti’ curriculum
79. Regulatory capture of a different kind
80. Energy cooperation as the backbone of India-Russia ties
81. India needs a policy solution for the problem of radicalisation
82. ‘India must not give up on extraditing Kim Davy, accused in Purulia arms drop
83. Refugee adoption in India call for the adoption of a specific law
84. Grant the focus back on Early Childhood education
85. Should the NDPS Act be amended?
86. Why bail proceedings for offences under NDPS Act are complex and open to abuse
General Studies – 3
1. Water water everywhere and we must stop to think
2. Growing locally: On Significance of GI tags
3. Staggered pricing: On cane pricing
4. Why new rule allowing recycled plastic in food packaging raises concerns
5. Ordnance factories’ moment in history
6. Revealing India’s actual farmer population
7. Clash of economy and ecology in global politics
8. Staying the Green Course
9. COVID-19: How bio-medical waste poses challenges to urban solid waste management
10. What the continued distress in informal labour market says
11. How loopholes in Aadhaar-enabled payments are putting poor people at risk of being
12. Employment increases in rural India
13. The future of vertical farming is brighter than once thought
14. Recurring pain: On RBI’s decision on auto-debit transactions
15. India should never fall into the trap of premature celebration
16. Cities are taking climate action
17. Taproots to help restore India’s fading green cover
18. Economic lessons for India from the Evergrande crisis in China
19. Crackdown in China, hope in India
20. Tarballs on India’s west coast: A tale of shifting responsibilities
21. The recent QES estimates are unreliable
22. WHO’s stark message on air quality — and what India must do
23. World Is Entering A New Moon Age
24. Road accidents can be reduced
25. Will a bad bank fix India’s broken banking system?
26. Our automobile sector needs a hearty dose of tax relief
27. A host of challenges greets India’s new Air Chief
28. Seeding a data revolution in Indian agriculture
29. The farmers’ movement is no longer about the three controversial farm laws
30. Simple, but brilliant: on Nobel Prize for Chemistry
31. Need Smart Govts For Checking Big Tech
32. Coal’s problems are governance, not climate regulation
33. What the attacks against minorities in Kashmir reveal
34. India needs a carbon policy for agriculture
35. Taxing big tech where it earn profits
36. The many questions arising from QES data
37. Privatisation is far more difficult than consolidation
38. Pandora papers reveal legislative limits of preventing tax dodging
39. Public Finance ought to throw its weight by clean energy
40. The monetary policy of RBI has failed to walk its talk
41. Explained: Why launch of Indian Space Association is significant
42. Tackling the climate crisis
43. The great hubris that lay behind the Great Moderation and Reset
44. Taxing multinationals
45. How to get farmers to not burn crop residue
46. Protecting India’s natural laboratories
47. We can’t stabilise the climate without carbon offsets — so how do we make them work?
48. Diverting rice for fuel blending, a risky venture?
49. The” yes or a no” the court must ask about Pegasus
50. Semiconductors: Why India should not make chips – Instead, the focus should be on other
parts of the global value chain
51. Chinese checks: On dealing with border incursions by China
52. Explained: Why govt proposes to redefine forests, and the concerns this raises
53. The state of states: On lack of data on state’s finances
54. New laws for our pharma sector must focus on reforms
55. Should we be worried about how technology is changing the human condition?
56. How do we protect children in the Digital Age?
57. Boost tourism through disruption
58. Power Ministry asks thermal units to import coal for minimum 10% blending
59. Nursing the ailing power discoms back to health
60. Free power at a big price
61. You can switch off Siri, but not the State
62. Air India sale opens up a brighter future for aviation
63. Securing the States
64. Proposed amendments to the Forest Conservation Act are a bad idea
65. Tackling the climate crisis
66. It’s not fossil fuel: Coal, biomass and degraded land are main contributors to India’s air
66. The final frontier of space technology
67. Liberalising capital account
68. Nuclear power: A climate response that gets short shrift
69. Climate justice and India’s choice
70. Powering the energy sector
71. Coal India, the fall guy for power crisis
72. Our farm income and nutrition challenge amid climate change
73. Digitisation of farm data needs awareness
74. Improving livestock breeding
75. Has Kerala learnt anything from extreme weather? Apparently not, say experts
76. India’s pulses problem: We need real reform
77. Slide in China’s GDP growth and implications for India
78. Education is a powerful enabler of climate-change containment
79. A new global economic consensus
80. Expanding forest cover: On proposed amendments to Forest Act
81. Devastation in coasts and hills underlines ecological fragility, calls for revisitin development
82. India must keep the momentum of Air India’s privatization going
83. Changing economic order
84. Health id needn’t cause any anxiety over data policy
85. Cat to the rescue: Govts, insurers must issue catastrophe bonds for citizens’ financial
protection from weather events
86. Water governance reform
87. The need of systems that’ll help tackle a crisis rather than deny it
88. India’s difficult transition from fossil fuels to net-zero emissions
89. Extending BSF’s powers won’t resolve policing problems, security threats
90. The global tax revolution
91. Reform fuel pricing
92. The outlines of a national security policy
93. Will privatisation take off after the Air India sale?
94. Uttarakhand Floods: Respect Himalayan landscape if you want to preserve it, say experts
95. Can biomass co-firing offer a viable solution to coal shortage and stubble burning?
96. International trade is not a zero-sum game
97. The carbon markets conundrum at COP26
98. The poor conditions of protectors
99. Indian Railways likely to become world’s first ‘net-zero’ carbon emitter by 2030
100. Why drones are tracking wildlife in Kashmir
101. Post-Covid economy needs intellectual re-evaluation
102. A clean energy transition plan for India
103. Vax milestone and a K-shaped problem
104. In Glasgow, all eyes on 2030: On COP 26
105. Mitigating a crisis: On COP26 Glasgow climate meet
106. COP26: The agenda for Glasgow
107. No heroes at COP: On COP26
108. More than a coal problem
109. What PM Gati Shakti plan means for the nation
110. Decoding The Unicorn Nation
111. India’s productivity challenge is especially steep in-service sectors
112. 2021: A hypersonic space odyssey that we must brace for
113. COP 26: Greening of polar ice should top agenda; here’s why
114. Explained: Climate targets set, missed
115. Gati Shakti can spur behavioural changes for superior governance
116. Why India shouldn’t sign on to net zero
117. The perils of natural experiments and randomized controlled trials
118. How Punjab can shine again with nutritional security and climate-friendly agriculture
119. The awkward grant of patents to artificial intelligence
120. A mammoth project to help endangered species and planet
121. Pandemic Stimulus Backfired
122. Global inequality: New drugs go the way of vaccines
123. India’s post-pandemic fiscal future
124. It’s time for a new QES
125. 5 Questions On Facebook
126. Carbon removal and phasing out of coal
127. Who is my regulator?: On RBI’s recent actions against auditors
128. The New Economic Scrabble
129. Differential treatment: On fisheries subsidies issue at WTO
130. Gati Shakti: Connecting the silos
131. People may now be ready for a renewable revolution
132. It is time to move on to next phase of power reforms
133. India’s Clean Molecule Bet: On Green Hydrogen
134. Cities and climate change: why low-rise buildings are the future – not skyscrapers
135. Facebook deploys hardly any resources in India to tackle misinformation. This must
136. Catch all control that aren’t likely to end overfishing
137. Is India ready for a world where electric vehicles will dominate transportation?
138. How to create a truly digital public

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