Forum Ias 9pm Compilation For The Month of November 2021 English Medium


Forum Ias 9pm Compilation For The Month of November 2021  English Medium

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Forum Ias 9pm Compilation For The Month of November 2021  English Medium

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General Studies – 1
1. CoP26: Women need more space at the climate table
2. Covid 19 as a tail of job hardship and marginalisation
3. The enduring relevance of Nehru’s legacy
General Studies – 2
1. Future Imperfect: On unemployment
2. Indian students are interesting keen on overseas opportunities
3. In the wake of China-US rivalry, India needs to reboot its ASEAN strategy
4. Getting nutrition back on the school high table
5. Kashmir’s fragility has more complex reasons
6. Trade and climate, the pivot for India-U.S. ties
7. Summitry in the East and India’s Asean ambitions
8. What we need to fix our judicial system
9. AUKUS could rock China’s boat in the Indo-Pacific
10. How Those Critiquing Bureaucrats Get It Wrong
11. China challenge: India must stabilise Kashmir to counter Beijing’s multi-pronged strategy
in the east
12. The long road to timely MGNREGA payments
13. The country needs to get a handle on mental health
14. Strengthening vaccine trust
15. A new jurisprudence for political prisoners
16. India’s new rare diseases policy offers a lifeline to many
17. We need greater global cooperation
18. It’s time to engage in ‘lawfare’
19. India’s latest dengue outbreak ought to ring alarm bells again
20. No Quota without quantifiable data
21. India needs a new integrated approach to Eurasia (1200)
22. A vital cog in Bongaigaon’s response in malnutrition
23. Jail should be the exception, not the norm
24. How to fix India’s creaking health infrastructure?
25. After selling the Maharajah
26. Do WTO like you did COP
27. Wanted: A truly generous health cheque for underserved Indians
28. The saviour complex of Facebook’s critics
29. India needs to sign up for life course immunization
30. Reservation on hiring
31. Afghan tangle: No easy options for New Delhi, especially given broader threats posed by
Beijing, Islamabad
32. Carbon tariffs: On 12th Ministerial of WTO
33. How loopholes in Civil Procedure Code delay justice
34. Hunger isn’t about biology. It’s about politics
35. How to play the Kabul game?
36. UAPA acts enacts as punishment
37. For inclusive development, support Dalit entrepreneurs
38. NAM at 60 marks an age of Non alignment
39. Striding back into the Afghan theatre
40. A routine matter or a punishment post?
41. The EU’s role in the Indo-Pacific
42. Pegasus inquiry must reverse the ‘chilling effect’
43. Structural inequality and the response to global emergencies
44. Questions for SC: Chief Justice Banerjee’s transfer from Madras HC again points to the
opaqueness of collegium
45. Extension of terms of CBI, ED chiefs by ordinance goes against SC verdicts
46. What the SC order on RERA means for homebuyers
47. Longer term, better impact
48. SC collegium’s endorsement of Saurabh Kirpal as Delhi HC judge is very welcome. Govt
must not stand in the way
49. House not ordinance: Extending tenures of key officials of premier agencies should be
debated in Parliament
50. Kabul, Kashmir and the return of the real politik
51. There’s a need for transparency in transfer of judges
52. Why should India invest in its adolescent population? New study has an answer
53. Naval Ambition
54. A collaborative tech vision for US, UAE, Israel and India
55. What Biden-Xi summit presages for the future
56. More a private sector primer than healthcare pathway
57. Targeting food: Gujarat civic bodies’ unjustifiable action on vendors selling non-veg
faremust be rolled back
58. Transfer as punishment
59. Vending For India
60. US’s engagement with China is par for the course. Delhi should not panic, must enhance
its global standing
61. Ordinances extending tenures of CBI, ED chiefs show a worrying trend
62. How SC verdict on real estate Act benefits homebuyers
63. Global challenges can be tackled in spite of great power rivalry
64. Error corrected: Regarding POCSO Act
65. Keeping a close eye on China’s nuclear capabilities
66. Flaws in the system
67. Deeper trade ties will benefit both India and US
68. In Hyderpora, leadership of security forces must ensure that personnel follow court’s
directions, in letter and spirit
69. Shifting the pile: On inequity and Swachh citiest
70. Making Ayurveda a real science
71. Better co-ordination
72. Why China is acquiring foreign military bases
73. Database of unorganised workers is a welcome step towards creating a robust social
security architecture
74. Dynamism in India US ties
75. Sanitation workers’ safety and welfare must be urgently addressed
76. JPC retains exemption clause, adopts personal data Bill
77. The significance of Supreme Court’s recent POCSO decision
78. The need for palliative care in India has never been greater
79. Wanted: An Indian Charlesworth
80. Elephant vs Dragon
81. ASER 2021 has insights on how schools can respond to post-Covid world
82. Lessons from past sanitation policies for future efforts
83. Antimicrobial Awareness Week 2021: How resistance to antibiotics develops
84. We need a multi-pronged approach to end child marriage
85. The pandemic is an opportunity to correct some historical wrongs
86. Economic heft and foreign policy posturing
87. POCSO shocker
88. Why Non-Personal, What’s Critical … & Snooping?
89. Chaos in Parliament a sign of India’s strong democracy
90. The case of Prince Jaibir Singh’s admission to IIT Bombay
91. Why the link between mental health and death penalty deserves greater attention
92. On the path of Buddha and his followers
93. Obesity is a social problem. Addressing it requires access to healthy food, not restrictions
94. It’s time we produced champions
95. Opposition Dissent without Basis or Foundation: About the data protection bill
96. What they own: NFHS on women property ownership isn’t conclusive
97. Shore in the lifeline – About MGNREGA
98. Our constitution, A beacon of freedom
General Studies – 3
1. Vote for continuity
2. How to decarbonize: On decarbonization
3. Our pandemic failures should inform climate-response talks
4. The Court’s order on Pegasus still falls short
5. COP26, Covid & our species
6. A Climate Power
7. Biden’s billionaire levies must not cue bad ideas
8. Why India needs a Ministry of Energy
9. Mixed signals on growth-inflation dynamics
10. The green issues of tomorrow
11. The crypto conundrum
12. COP26 | PM’s Modi word: Net Zero 2070, clean & green 2030
13. Decarbonization mustn’t overlook the rich-poor divide
14. A good synthesis of climate and transport economics would help
15. Improved finances gives Centre leeway to slash fuel excise duties, but a renewed spending
spree is avoidable
16. Small, medium issue: Economic recovery gaining steam. But low-income groups’ demand &
MSMEs are concerns
17. Digitization could ease MSMEs’ access to supply-chain finance
18. Finding a way out of India’s deepening water stress
19. Leaders vow to protect forests, plug methane leaks at COP26
20. Explained: When can PSU bank staff be probed for NPAs?
21. Ensuring that policy outcome matches the intent
22. Charting a trade route after the MC12
23. How to define a farmer
24. How inflation could rescue the govt’s fiscal deficit act in FY22
25. The right time for India to have its own climate law
26. The dirty secret of EV supply chains that can’t be overlooked
27. Pledges at Glasgow could change the global distribution of power
28. Agritech startups have great potential in India
29. The energy headwind
30. Methane question: It is easier to cut CH4 than CO2
31. Big claims of rapid economic formalization are suspect
32. How India’s Gati Shakti Plan can have an impact beyond its borders
33. Net-zero presents many opportunities for India — and challenges
34. Burning problem: Fast urbanising India can’t be cavalier on safety & have pathetic firefighting infrastructure
35. Does India have a right to burn fossil fuels?
36. How to buy better: India needs new mechanisms for defence purchases, for enhancing both
efficiency & reputation
37. Money Is The Key To Happiness
38. Dualism and its discontents
39. The case of demonetisation in India
40. Managing Cryptocurrencies
41. In our efforts to be green, we must not greenwash: On India’s net zero pledge at COP26
42. Cleaning Yamuna will require improving sewerage networks, cooperation between Delhi
and neighbouring states
43. Season of floods: On TN’s long-term solutions to avoid monsoon woes
44. The high cost of India’s illusive quest for formalization
45. How Facebook can be more responsible when it goes local
46. In age of hybrid crops, the importance of preserving landraces
47. What Chennai (and India) must do to prevent urban flooding
48. Tortuous trajectory of Uphaar case exposes the limitations of the legal framework to bring
closure, fix accountability
49. Creating safe digital spaces
50. Nuclear fusion could be close enough to start blue-sky gazing
51. An RBI public interface that can recast banking
52. Shielding farm sector from climate change
53. Manipur flashpoint: Its insurgency and a volatile border continue to impose a toll on
security forces and local people
54. A lost cause: On the Gadchiroli encounter and Maoists
55. What is RBI’s stand on the use of cryptocurrency
56. How the economy gets a boost from efficient logistics
57. Why stubble burning is so hard to fix
58. Charting India’s path to a ‘Digital Rupee’
59. The debacle of demonetisation
60. A traffic lockdown may be what Delhi requires
61. Deep-sea mining for building EV batteries: A sustainable approach or an invitation to
another catastrophe?
62. It may prove costlier to combat than adapt to climate change
63. Good crypto and bad: Defining, regulating and taxing this world
64. India needs time and money before it can dump coal
65. An estimate of a big formal shift that stretches credulity too far
66. Unnecessary intervention – RBI’s Proposal of tax benefits for retail investors
67. India needs a coordinated approach for decarbonisation of economy
68. Why Punjab’s short-duration paddy varieties have not solved stubble burning
69. Central banks and climate change: How they can play a role in managing the fallout
70. Green and secure: Char Dham Highway project must see government and
environmentalists work together
71. Green hydrogen makes a debut
72. The role of state policy in our acute smog crisis
73. How Indian startups are powering the metaverse
74. India saved itself from dubious demands at the Glasgow climate change meet
75. Understanding why the informal sector really shrank during the pandemic
76. Digital divide in education can’t be bridged by laptops and smartphones alone
77. Why We Must Trade Freely
78. Wide fault lines within the Global Climate Risk Index
79. Time to harvest the tailwind in exports
80. The government should prepare for a sustained spell of inflation
81. An SOS call from the Indian micro-irrigation industry
82. Strengthening financial sector
83. The monetary, fiscal challenges of cryptocurrency
84. Why India’s pro-rich, anti-poor taxation policies must change
85. Forced evolution
86. A stimulating alliance
87. The story of an arrest, a ‘resolution’ and retribution
88. Air pollution impacts productivity. Mitigations generate economic gains
89. Reforming the fertilizer sector
90. Time to rethink Indian levies on motor vehicles
91. Another Supply Chain Crisis?
92. Climate justice must drive climate action
93. Explained: In perspective, farm distress and the demand for guaranteed MSP
94. Non-farm jobs and social mores hold India’s key to farm reforms
95. ‘Andaman & Nicobar Is Key To Act East Policy’
96. Use of facial recognition technology by police is dangerous
97. EVs for last-mile delivery could boost India’s e-commerce sector
98. Sustainable agriculture
99. What India should strive for in trade deals
100. Over-valued unicorns in a distressed economy
101. The road to a Himalayan blunder
102. Dear ‘The Economist’, climate change is a global predicament
103. New cryptocurrency bill seeks to ban private players
104. Why Cities Must Lead The Climate Battle
105. Privatise Post-Repeal: Selling sarkari banks & PSUs is critical.
106. A food crisis of the government’s own making
107. What $650 billion can buy – On India’s currency reserves
108. Farm Laws: Is MSP guarantee really the elixir that Indian agriculture needs?
109. Farm bills may be repealed, but farmers will still need help
110. Pointers that India is witnessing a K-shaped recovery
111. A unified regulatory framework
112. Do not ignore livestock’s contribution to climate change
113. Decline in India’s camel population is worrying
114. After farm laws repeal, farmer unions want legal guarantee for MSP. Should the govt give
115. Setting the tone at Glasgow, the job ahead in Delhi
116. Decomputerize to decarbonize: A climate debate we can’t avoid
117. Airport Lessons
118. Chinese med imports up 75%, raises concerns
119. Indian agriculture needs a Verghese Kurien
120. Is crypto mania more a symptom than a cause?
121. The dreaded rainforest shift
122. Yes, there are two Indias, and they are not getting any closer together

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