Forum Ias 9pm Compilation For The Month of May 2021 English Medium


Forum Ias 9pm Compilation For The Month of May 2021 English Medium

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Forum Ias 9pm Compilation For The Month of May 2021 English Medium

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General Studies – 1
1. Recent Communal Riots in Northern Ireland have Lessons For India
General Studies – 2
1. CBSE’s New Assessment System for Class 10 Students
2. US forces in Afghanistan Starts their Final Phase of Withdrawal
3. Managing Vaccine Shortage by Proper Gap Between Vaccinations
4. Opportunities in India-UK relations
5. One Health Approach – Significance and Steps Taken by India
6. Government’s Apathy towards Migrant communities
7. Impact of the Pandemic on India’s foreign Policy
8. West Bengal Housing Industry Regulation Act (WB HIRA) is Unconstitutional: SC
9. The Case of EC’s Demand for Restriction on Media
10. Use of CT scan for testing Covid is not Correct
11. Reason behind Covid Vaccine Shortage Crisis
12. Poor State of Delhi Prisons Demand Urgent Attention
13. SC struck down the Maharashtra State Reservation for SEBC Act, 2018
14. What is Social Murder and How to Ensure Accountability in Patrimonial state?
15. Significance of Rent Waiver in tackling Reverse Migration
16. Critical Analysis of U.S Support to temporary Patent Waiver for Covid Vaccines
17. How India’s Diaspora in US helped India in COVID Crisis
18. Why the Taiwan Covid-19 Model Works?
19. Nation wide lockdown is an Opportunity to Improve Health Infrastructure
20. US Support to TRIPS Waiver – Challenges Ahead
21. National Task Force for Transparent Oxygen Allocation
22. U.S Exit from Greater Middle East Will Alter Regional Relations
23. Time to Revive the Plan for Indian National Health Services
24. Impacts of Digital inequality on Health and Education
25. Why Safeguards for Child adoptions Needs to be Followed Strictly?
26. Lessons learnt from the Ladakh crisis
27. Importance of Parliamentary Proceedings
28. Links between Crisis and Economic Reforms
29. UGC Advises Universities to Include NCC as an Elective Subject
30. Expansion of Social Security Net is Need of the Hour
31. Centre Should Relook its Vaccine Policy
32. Gauhati High Court Questions FCRA Amendment Act
33. ASEAN’s Initiative to End Political Crisis in Myanmar
34. India’s Vaccine exports are guided by good diplomacy and good epidemiology
35. Measures to control the impact of Pandemic in rural India
36. Treating Israel-Palestine issue with a humanitarian response
37. State should form a joint committee to negotiate COVID vaccine price
38. Laws and Initiatives for Welfare Orphaned Children
39. Bad Policy Making Aggravated the Pandemic Disaster in India
40. Issues With Technocratic Approach to Vaccination Drive
41. Need of Constituting National Tribunal Commission in India
42. Central Vista Project – Demolition of National Institutions
43. China-India Relations and India’s Weakening Geo-Political Position
44. Systemic Issues affecting Women’s Participation in labour Market
45. India’s Palestine policy
46. Method to Estimate Covid Deaths in India
47. West Asia’s Diplomatic Resets
48. Misuse of Sedition law in India
49. Role of ICMR in Facilitating Evidence-based Treatment
50. Measures to Prevent Future Waves of Pandemic Disaster
51. Significance of India’s Diaspora
52. Rising Cyclone Intensity and Frequency due to Micro-Climatic Changes
53. India Needs an Effective Vaccine Policy
54. VIP Security Cover to West Bengal MLAs – Associated Issues
55. Future of India – Pakistan Trade Relations
56. Analysing the Social security code 2020 for Informal Workforce
57. Significance of Citizen-led Fact-Finding Missions
58. Collaborative Governance Should be the future of Governance
59. Concerns Associated with demolition of National Archives of India’s Building
60. Maratha Reservation Case Judgment and Federalism
61. Issues and Significance of Longer Vaccine Gaps
62. WhatsApp’s Privacy Policy and Data Protection law in India
63. Why IITs Demand for Priority Vaccination is not Justified?
64. Voluntary Licensing Mechanism for Vaccines Will Ensure Social Justice
65. India’s Stand on Palestine and Israel Conflict
66. Public Expenditure on Health Needs to be Reprioritised
67. WhatsApp Privacy Policy Comes into Effect : Issues and Challenges
68. Historical Reporting of Child Sexual Abuse under POCSO Act
69. Issues in Present Policy of Vaccine Procurement
70. The U.S exit from Afghanistan and Its Implications on South Asia
71. Significance of Community Efforts in Tackling the Pandemic
72. Indo-US Synergy on Regional, Bilateral and Multilateral issues
73. One State Solution for Palestine
74. India’s Mucormycosis Threat
75. Must Needed Reforms for Online Higher Education
76. Controversies Surrounding Administrator of Lakshadweep
77. Cooperative Federalism is Necessary for the Success of GST in India
78. Continuing Political Turmoil in Nepal and Opportunity for India
79. New IT Rules 2021- No protection under the Section 79 of IT Act upon Non compliance
80. Challenges involved in Shifting the National Museum of India
81. Need to Reform the Information Technology Rules, 2021
82. India’s Nepal policy needs to change for ensuring long-lasting friendship
83. Need for real-time data on public health
84. Resolving bottlenecks in procuring Pfizer’s vaccine
85. Effects of Pandemic on Young Healthcare Workers
86. Issues with Tarun Tejpal case judgment
General Studies – 3
1. Guidelines of National Building Code to Ensure Fire Safety in Public buildings
2. Natural Gas Can be India’s Alternative Road to Clean Energy
3. Climate Change is Shifting Earth’s Axis of Rotation
4. New Malaria Vaccine Can be a Game Changer in Curtailing Malaria
5. Frequent Hospital Fires during COVID Time in India- Cause and Way forward
6. IPR Waiver For Covid 19 Vaccines
7. Indian Offshore Model will Dominate Global IT Sector
8. EAC Recommends the Great Nicobar Development Plan for EIA Study
9. Solving Present Health Care Crisis With Lessons from Green Revolution
10. Issues Associated with IPR Waiver to Covid Vaccine
11. Consequences of Neglecting Science Education
12. Kerala Model to tackle the Covid-19 Pandemic in India
13. Government Must Ensure ‘Right to Life’ for Economic Recovery
14. Need of Global Rules to protect the Cyberspace
15. Steps and Suggestions to Handle Cyclone related Disasters
16. Significance of SC Ruling on Personal Guarantors for Corporate Loans
17. Need for Eco Tax in India
18. Issues with New IT rules for Social Media
19. Prioritise food and work for all
20. Improving Resilience to Cyclones Disasters in India
21. Dairy Sector in India Needs Urgent Attention
22. Tussle between Government and Social Media companies
23. The increasing prices of edible oil needs government intervention
24. Highlights of 43rd GST Council Meeting
25. Factors Affecting Growth of Block Chain technology in India
26. Need to revive the Cultural Mapping project

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