Forum Ias 9pm Compilation For The Month of March 2021 English Medium


Forum Ias 9pm Compilation For The Month of March 2021 English Medium

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Forum Ias 9pm Compilation For The Month of March 2021 English Medium

One Booklet

Total Pages-140


General Studies -1
1. Priya Ramani Case: Significance and Challenges
2. Critical Evaluation of Draft Policy on Migrant workers
3. Issue of Women rights in India
4. Pew Research study on Poverty in India
General Studies – 2
1. Why New IT Rules, 2021 for Social Media were necessary?
2. India-US relations under Biden administration
3. Relevance of the JCPOA | Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action | Iran Nuclear Deal
4. Pakistan Remains on FATF’s Grey list
5. NEP 2020 and children’s right to playgrounds
6. Critical Analysis of IT Rules 2021
7. Regional stability in South-Asia depends on India, Pakistan and China
8. NGT and associated challenges
9. India-EU trade relations
10. NEP 2020 and language policy
11. Judiciary’s inconsistency in dealing with cases of Personal liberty
12. Indian Diaspora in US and its Impacts on India- US Relations
13. Appointment of Police officers for Prison Management
14. Rise of Lateral Surveillance in India
15. Afghan Peace Process and India
16. The ill effects of Job reservation for locals
17. Concerns associated with Local Reservation Laws
18. Why India Should limit its Involvement With QUAD?
19. Flaws in New IT rules 2021
20. Increasing Cases of Gestational Diabetes in India
21. Lack of Gender sensitivity in the Court Judgments
22. India’s new policy of proactive diplomacy
23. Addressing Systemic Issues in Higher Education
24. Working towards Climate Justice
25. Reasons Behind Participation of India in Desert Flag exercise
26. The Issue of Programme Code for Media outlets
27. Incentivising Women’s Domestic Care and Associated Issues
28. Flaws in new IT Rules 2021
29. Why States are Planning for Reservation to Locals in Private Jobs?
30. Highlights of the Quad Summit
31. Supreme Court’s Judgment on State Election Commission
32. Why Taxes on Fuel may increase in the future?
33. Issue of Consent in POCSO Act
34. Why India should Invest More in Research and Innovation System?
35. Measures to Strengthen India US economic partnership
36. Neglect of Public Health in India
37. Relevance of India-Philippines Brahmos Deal
38.Use of Non Violence in Myanmar Protests
39. Ways to Strengthen India’s Democracy
40. Issue of High Vacancies in Higher Educational Institutions
41. Expectations from U.S-China Alaska meet
42. Flaws in design of lateral entry policy
43. Flaws in New AICTE rules
44. Public trust is key to successful vaccination programmes
45. GNCT of Delhi Amendment Bill 2021 and Supreme Court’s Verdict
46. Significance of QUAD leaders’ summit for India
47. Inefficiencies in the Aadhaar project
48. Sachin Waze Case – The Issue of Right to Legal Counsel in Custody
49. Refugees from Myanmar and India’s internal Security challenge
50. The Issue of Public trust on ECI or Election Commission
51. NCT of Delhi (Amendment) Bill is against the spirit of Federalism.
52. Speculation about the disengagement agreement is baseless
53. Shortcomings of the ‘In House inquiry Procedure’
54. The Issue of Cross Border Electricity Trade in South Asia
55. Significance of Supreme Court Guidelines on Gender Stereotypes
56. MTP Bill 2021 is not progressive enough
57. NCT of Delhi (Amendment) Bill, 2021 is against the Principle of Federalism
58. Assessment on India’s counter to International criticism
59. Lessons from the Bangladesh’s Growth story
60. Need for an Integrated Digital System in Indian Justice System
61. Why Electoral Bond Scheme should be declared unconstitutional?
62. Brief Analysis of India- Bangladesh Bilateral Relations
63. Discrimination in taxing provident fund (PF)
64. India’s stand on Human Rights violation in Sri Lanka
65. Declining Role of Parliament in Ensuring Accountability of Executive
66. Lack of Transparency in the Supreme Court’s In-house Inquiry Procedure
General Studies – 3
1. Indian legacy and developing Science and Technology in India
2. Issues in the Process of Decarbonization
3. Lessons from Operation Flood for Operation Green
4. Ceasefire agreements between India and Pakistan and their significance
5. Knowledge-Economy in India
6. Issues associated with Government’s Disinvestment proposal
7. Solving the issue of Retrospective Taxation
8. An evaluation of India’s actions against Climate Change
9. History and significance of Mars Missions
10. Consequences of Yemen Civil war
11. Issues in the Process of Spectrum Auction
12. India’s Space Sector: Initiatives and Issues
13. Cyber Attacks in India and Institutional arrangements for Cybersecurity
14. Financial distress in Railways : Reasons and Way Forward
15. Why Criticisms of New IT Rules 2021 are illogical?
16. Why India should Focus More on Climate Change Adaptation?
17. Prerequisites for Developing Digital Health Data
18. The Advantages of Work from Anywhere
19. Revisiting the Reservation Laws in India
20. Cyber attacks on critical Infrastructure
21. Absence of Regular Chiefs in Central Security Forces
22. Need for Fire Safety training and technologies
23. Growing Food Subsidy Bill: Reasons and Suggestions
24. Importance of FPOs | Farmer Producer’s Organisations)
25. Why India Needs a Strong Regulatory Framework for Agriculture?
26. India’s Rise as the new global manufacturing hub
27. Need of Specific Law for National Security Screening of Inward FDI
28. Aims and Objectives of “Quad Summit”
29. KALIA scheme of Odisha and its lesson for India
30. Increasing cyber threat and need for Cyber strategy
31. Why India Needs a Future force?
32. Government should initiate steps to make Agriculture remunerative
33. Significance and Challenges of Artificial Intelligence(AI)
34. “Nominated members” and “Anti-defection Law” in India
35. Relevance of Inflation Targeting in India
36. Single Use Plastic Pollution in India – A hidden pandemic
37. Why Nationalisation of Banks was a Right Step?
38. Impact of inflation targeting in India
39. Vehicle Scrappage Policy: Challenges and Suggestions
40. Concerns with the Insurance (Amendment) Bill, 2021
41. Bad Bank for strengthening the banking sector
42. India’s potential as a Global investment hub
43. Water conservation is must for preventing another pandemic
44. Similarities between Disinvestment and fiscal deficit
45. Cost and Benefits of Adani’s Carmichael Coal Project in Australia
46. Why India should adopt Net-Zero Emission Target?
47. Recurring Fire accidents in India – Suggestions

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