Forum Ias 9pm Compilation For The Month of July 2021 English Medium


Forum Ias 9pm Compilation For The Month of July 2021 English Medium

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Forum Ias 9pm Compilation For The Month of July 2021 English Medium

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Total Pages-380


General Studies – 1
1. The power of an apology
2. Envisioning the post-pandemic smart city
3. Why a grassroots mass movement is necessary to fight dowry
4. Is digitisation opening up a can of worms?
5. Ecological urbanism – Key to sustainable urbanization
6. Challenging negative social norms
7. Tapping on the potential of the youth
8. Family mis-planning
9. Sudden interest in ‘population control’ in Assam and UP points to political bad faith
10. How we fail our culture
11. Conjugal rights before Supreme Court
12. Why UP’s proposed population control bill is bad as policy and politics
13. Clean energy: How AI can help spot the copper we need
14. Accepting radical otherness
15. Getting all Indian tap water may be desirable. But what’s really needed is safe drinking
16. Population populism: UP draft population bill fails tests of necessity, intrusiveness
17. Uttar Pradesh’s draft population bill has an ableism problem
18. It begs the question- Begging is a matter of survival, not choice. Invisibilising destitute
solve nothing-
19. No need for a drastic population policy
General Studies – 2
1. On the margins with full equality still out of reach
2. Pakistan on FATF grey list- What does it mean for India?
3. Police reforms are not enough
4. Fear, myths and lack of awareness leads to Vaccine hesitancy
5. The law of sedition is unconstitutional
6. Keeping alive conversations about AIDS
7. What India can learn from China’s foreign Policy
8. False notions of gender roles should be corrected early
9. Apt judicial reminder in era of over-criminalisation
10. The trouble with rankings
11. The future of learning in India is ed-tech
12. How much can a four-year-old really learn from a smartphone?
13. Mendez principle to replace torture and coercive interrogation
14. What CCI has to do with economic opportunity?
15. Election no guarantee against tyranny, says CJI
16. Small doses
17. Significance of India and France’s successive presidencies at UN Security Council
18. Location no bar
19. How police can serve citizens better
20. What pushing delimitation does to talks on peace and statehood in J&K
21. Explained: ‘Union’ or ‘central’ government?
22. Two big gaps in our vaccination programme that need attention
23. Delhi’s lame duck Assembly
24. All WHO-approved jabs must be recognised for travel: UN
25. Compassion & caution
26. Rule of Law vs Rule by Law
27. The country needs a framework for a universal social security net
28. Global Minimum Corporate Tax Rate framework deal
29. In centenary backdrop, this is no hand of peace
30. Unjust green
31. Net Loss
32. India should stand with developing countries
33. Court correction
34. Why ex-bureaucrats speak up
35.How a PPP can overhaul India’s health infrastructure
36. World without narrow domestic walls
37. Without Aadhaar, without identity
38. India to divert excess waters under Indus treaty to irrigate own land
39. Crafting a unique partnership with Africa
40. Will a national judiciary work?
41. How India and China are shaped by the idea of national humiliation
42. Gauging pandemic mortality with civil registration data
43. What India must keep in mind when it comes to Turkey
44. The complex geopolitics of our times offers us a big opportunity
45. Unpacking China’s game plan
46. Seeking a paradigm shift in mental health care
47. Vacancies send a wrong signal
48. When we lost oxygen
49. Let’s chalk out a plan to reopen our schools before it gets too late
50. Let’s keep pace with the world on covid research
51. UAPA should go the way of TADA & POTA
52. How Radio Dhimsa is helping Odisha’s tribal students?
53. A long road for migrant workers
54. Confronting Xi: India should engage both the Dalai Lama and Taiwan
55. A geopolitical roadmap in uncertain times
56. Tracking fugitives everywhere
57. Troubling prospects in Afghanistan
58. The judicious choice
59. Puzzle out how to make vax ring-fences succeed
60. Ideas drawn from nudge theory could weaken a third covid wave
61. Repeal UAPA
62. The bar on criticism that muzzles the advocate
63. Undead section
64. In defence of India’s noisy democracy
65. The Afghan knot
66. Sedition law has no place in a modern democracy
67. Falling government school enrolment is alarming and it needs to be addressed soon
68. COVID-19 vaccines: Too many hurdles, still
69. Bangladesh boom fuels Indian exports
70. Our children need education. How much longer can schools remain shut?
71. Judges are arbiters, not lawmakers
72. Did central planning end in July 1991?
73. Constitutional crisis in Uttarakhand – Explained
74. A ride to safety
75. Shaping a trilateral as Rome looks to the Indo-Pacific
76. Regional powers and the Afghanistan question
77. The power of scrutiny
78. Prioritising school reopening on the road to recovery
79. It may be safer for school kids to stay maskless in classrooms
80. It is time for New Delhi to review its old ‘one China’ policy stance
81. Why Centre’s new rule for digital media face legal test
82. Framing the legislation, forgetting the transparency
83. The upcoming crisis in Indian federalism
84. Disable unconstitutional sections
85. It’s time victims of UAPA demanded restitution, justice
86. Courts shouldn’t step into executive’s domain: Supreme Court
87. Jobs lost, middle-class Indians line up for rations and ‘worry about meals’
88. Number, No Privacy Threat
89. Ghost of Section 66A
90. Interference an investigating officer can do without
91. A strong Indian state must be humane too
92. Hard knocks for soft power
93. What the post-Covid doctor must know
94. Abolish the law
95. B3W – An alternative to China’s Belt and Road Initiative
96.India needs a renewed health-care system
97. Sensitive and precise
98. Why India is missing its vaccine targets
99. Towards freedom of expression
100.Areas of Cooperation and Competition
101.A new chapter in Nepal’s quest for political stability
102.How India can guard its interests should Kabul fall to the Taliban?
103.Long game with Beijing
104.How OPEC+ deal to withdraw output cut impacts India
105.Co-operation ministry: Harbinger of hope?
106.One in three couldn’t afford food year-round in 2020
107.A more humane police force
108.The crisis ahead, from learning loss to resumption
109.Making India a sporting nation
110.The role that industry could play in India’s Indo-Pacific outreach
111.How a four-minister MEA could amplify India’s diplomatic power?
112.Legislature won’t act criminalisation of politics: SC
113.A compromise amid uncertainty
114.Prosecutor, not persecutor
115.Why the Supreme Court order on registration of migrant workers is welcome
116.A cardinal omission in the COVID-19 package
117.How lack of proper identification of arrested persons slows down legal process?
118.India must directly engage with Taliban 2.0
119.Federalism and cooperatives
120.The direction that the NCF needs to take
121.Bringing skills and education closer
122.China-led South Asian Initiative
123.How Open Network for Digital Commerce could disrupt India’s e-commerce space?
124.‘Gatekeeper Model’ mooted to prevent suicides in prisons
125.MGNREGA was safety net for workers during first wave, but there are holes in it now
126.A Bill to stop strikes at ordnance factories
127.Countering China means more role for Navy and Airforce
128.Afghanistan without Pak & Islam
129.Delhi and Tehran can work together on Afghanistan
130.Can SAARC fill the power vacuum left by US withdrawal from Afghanistan?
131.The great convergence and a lag
132.Opposing Sedition Law is Good Optics and Politics
133.Guardrails of Privacy
134.Healthcare privatization has not served India well
135.An emigration Bill that does not go far enough
136.Andhra Pradesh and Telangana water-share war seems far from over
137.Evaluating India’s options in Afghanistan
138.Needed, a more unified Asian voice for Afghanistan
139.India can act as a peace Agent in the Security Council
140.Towards a lean tax department
141.Needed: an anti-trafficking law
142.A judgment that must be taken in the right spirit
143.Mending the British-made Assam-Mizoram dispute
144.The Housing Boost
145.The vision of the National Education Policy must be served by its implementation
146.A pandemic-optimized plan for kids to resume their education
147.India-US ties key to anchoring Indo-Pacific region
148.One nation, one police is a reform that is long overdue
149.Corporate Management isn’t What Civil Service Needs
150.In the interest of the public
151.Indus Waters Treaty is worth preserving
152.Shared values: On India and the U.S.
153.Law and lawmakers
154.How does a democracy die?
155.How a Supreme court order could render the new co-op ministry a non-starter
156.Quotas don’t solve what’s really wrong with education
157. EU’s vaccine travel pass is highly discriminatory towards low-income countries
General Studies – 3
1. India’s debt-to-GDP ratio at a 14-year high
2. Linkage between food inflation and rise in fuel prices
3. Let’s step back from the NPA Scare
4. Inadequate planning on PLI Schemes
5. Shaping India’s green future
6. Reopen the files, reconsider privatisation
7. Rattling foreign investors
8. The drone challenge before India
9. In India, forest rights means forest conservation
10. India must be wary of monopolistic e-retailers
11. A kind of relief
12. An appropriate way to judge the famed economic reforms of 1991
13. Does India need more coal power?
14. A question of compliance
15. What to check when building by the sea
16. V2G – Vehicle to grid technology and its future
17. Govt charts course for usage of new-age fuel
18. GST at four: A dive into the milestones and the unfinished agenda
19. Patent waiver talks falter on developed nations’ hurdles
20. Order & stability in power supply
21. A widening current account deficit is both good news and bad
22. What is a heat dome? – Explained
23. ‘GNPA ratio may rise up to 11.2% in FY22’
24. Explained: Facing up to the drone challenge
25. Military should fund its own modernisation
27. Brazen gaming of bankruptcy process on
28. How Chhattisgarh has stalled a historic judgment
29. The heavy footprint of a light rail
30. SEBI’s new rules for Independent directors
31. The problem now with the military synergy plan
32. Rural Economy Recovery
33. Bharat-Net fails to enter fast lane – Both phases staring at delay amid COVID
34. India’s OECD tax deal may have revenue implications, say experts
35. Despite so many feats, GST still a work in progress
36. Three economic risks in need of mitigation plans
37. Why liberal democracies have a distinct edge on cyber capability
38. Haircuts and Settlements
39. With no subsidy, cooking fuel burns a hole in consumers’ pocket
40. How cryptocurrency turbocharged the cybercrime racket: Explained
41. COP26 offers a chance to revise zero-emission targets
42. Shibboleths of the ‘ideal’ tax system
43. Drone policy set to be relaxed as IAF goes for counter-rogue tech
44. Let’s not politicise the Central Vista project
45. What four years of GST have taught us about this tax regime
46. The pandemic gave us a sandbox for real-world trials
47. HC: Govt free to act against Twitter for IT rules violation
48. Canada’s Wildfires are a Warning to India: Here is how we must shore up our cities
against heatwaves
49. Albino palm civet sighted in Satkosia Tiger Reserve
50. Centre must step up cash flows to the states
51. India must show global leadership on climate crisis by adopting a holistic approach to
52. Behest lending can give rise to a NPA problem
53. Oil on the boil
54. Civil society must accept its failure to hold government accountable
55. The sentiment boost that India’s economy is in need of
56. Will drones change the way we deliver medicines?
57. Banker’s Trust: Has crony capitalism hijacked bad loan resolution?
58. WhatsApp’s tactical retreat
59. How India can face the tidal wave of marine plastic?
60. Game changer: Making sense of open source software in digital economy
61. Courts, protect media: IT rules attack media’s core freedom. Judges should see
legal challenges to rules in that light
62. Dispelling myths about capital dumping would serve India well
63. Govt may issue guidelines for ‘flex-fuel’ vehicles by October
64. What is the ‘right to repair’ movement?
65. Success of India’s dairy sector is not just thanks to private players
66. The Centre should help RBI tame retail inflation
67. Space tourism spinoffs
68. Task for new IT Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw
69. Improve weather models
70. Growth matters but income levels matter more
71. KUSUM wilts under poor planning: Multiple repackaging impacts its success
72. Farm tools can improve the conditions of poor landless agricultural laborers
73. GoI should not contest arbitral awards in Indian courts
74. For Consumer, a bad bargain
75. Subsidy scheme for shipping firms approved
76. Potential Economic Consequences of Pandemic
77. Power users may soon get to choose supplier
78. RBI action on Mastercard again shows why it is urgent to have an omnibus data
protection law
79. Climate crisis: Is Earth destabilising?
80. How our detergent footprint is polluting aquatic ecosystems
81. Fuel price surge: What India can learn from Biden and Sunak’s tax policies
82. Curbs on foreign card firms
83. Why the Amazon forests are no longer acting as a carbon sink
84. Can state immunity be invoked in Cairn Energy case?
85. Do Tigers Have a Right to Privacy? Yes: Uttarakhand keeping wildlife reserves
always open is problematic at many levels
86. India’s new Industrial policy is a replay of socialist era follies
87. Bank Nationalisation: 52 years and ticking
88. Our liberalized policy on drones will serve us well
89. AI’s dark side
90. Calculating the benefits of lockdowns
91. Experts seek reassessment of Power Finance Corp’s annual discoms rating
92. Progressive drone policy that facilitates regtech
93. What the Pegasus surveillance scandal means for Indian democracy?
94. India improves score in ease of cross-border trade
95. For Cairns dispute, international arbitration is not the way forward
96. India needs an economic stimulus that can also aid green energy transition
97. Hope fades for PSBs
98. Pegasus spyware issue – concerns and way forward
99. Water as woe
100.The creeping concerns over India’s debt
101.Power hurdles: Consumers need to wait before they can choose supplier
102.India’s renewable energy plan of 175 GW by FY22-end faces multiple risks
103.The many paths to a greener future
104.The laws for surveillance in India, and the concerns over privacy
105.We should be thankful for the economy’s liberation
106.Gudalur’s Gene Pool Garden is an example of participatory forest management
107.Haunting Our Seas: How ‘ghost nets’ threaten marine life and human beings
108.Polluted river stretches in India: A list across states
109.The Ganga’s message
110.The first principles of commerce should guide e-com policy too
111.It’s Part of The Problem
112.What a digital currency from RBI must get right
113.Digging up the ocean floor for metals could prove disastrous
114.A climate risk
115.Implication of EU’s new GHG emissions law for Indian industry
116.Are law and technology a solution to fake news?
117.Spooky change
118.IMD may deploy cutting-edge technology to forecast weather events more accurately
119.Cloning overcomes prejudices
120.Moon-forming region seen around exoplanet for the first time
121.Wounded mountains
122.Introducing Gross Environment Product in Uttarakhand: A jargon or reality?
123.A framework for microfinance regulation that would suit India
124.What is prepackaged insolvency resolution & how does process work?
125.Beyond corporate deleveraging
126.How the factoring business can help small companies
127.Theatre Commander under Chief of Defence Staff is not a good idea
128.Climate change has raised tricky questions over policy responses
129.Let’s make room for the river
130.Stimulus ‘inadequate’, 25% of MSME loans may default: Panel
131.Oxygen for fiscal federalism
132.How to Exit Farming Risk Trap
133.Govt must not micromanage
134.Richer, and poorer: Inequality will continue to scar the economy long after Covid leaves
135.Depositors to get up to Rs 5 lakh within 90 days if bank under moratorium
136.Private partners could help RBI run a digital currency
137.Integrated approach for EVs
138.Changes to deposit insurance
139.Why flooding raises alarm over bearing of hydropower plants on the Himalayas
140.It’s been 40 years! Update India’s flood map NOW
141.The Pegasus nightmare
142.Small state, big brother
143.Patchwork progress
144.Leveraging traditional lo-tech innovations to fight climate change
145.Visualising the Himalaya with other coordinates
146.Cloud over Videocon resolution process points to larger weakness in IBC

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