Forum Ias 9pm Compilation For The Month of February 2022 English Medium


Forum Ias 9pm Compilation For The Month of February 2022 English Medium

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Forum Ias 9pm Compilation For The Month of February 2022 English Medium

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General Studies – 1
1. Mahatma Gandhi, the out-of-the-box thinker
2. Land rights to women: Despite Courts, The Plot Is Against Daughters
3. What arguments in marital rape case reveal about insecurity of patriarchy
4. Our Gender Gap in Contraception needs public policy intervention
General Studies – 2
1. State administrative services are crucial to federalism
2. Explained: India, Oman ties and why its top defence official’s Delhi visit important
3. A year on from Myanmar’s ‘annus horribilis’
4. Explained: The Pakistan-China relationship
5. India calling with quite a lot of trade in mind
6. We should expect the economic cost of the closed minds to increase
7. Why UNSC joint statement on nuclear weapons is important
8. On Ukraine crisis: Brinkmanship over Ukraine doesn’t bode well for India
9. Go cold on China: India right to diplomatically boycott Winter Games
10.Pendency of cases in Supreme Court: The supreme failure
11.The case for vaccinating children against Covid-19
12.An exploration of why children are learning little in classrooms
13.Interrogating the false merit-reservation binary
14.Explained: The India-Israel relationship
15.FM call for paradigm change in urban planning ‘opportunity of a lifetime’: Experts
16.For the finance Minister to note
17.A hazy picture on employment in India
18.Doing Business in a New World
19.India’s ‘return’ to Central Asia
20.A new form of untouchability
21.Rights of the weak, duties of the powerful
22.The interpretative answer to the hijab row
23.The classroom is important, not the uniform
24.Notes for India as the digital trade juggernaut rolls on
25.Social justice opportunities are too unevenly spread across India
26.Weighing in on a health data retention plan
27.Reservation laws for locals: Local labour pains
28.Local job laws that raise constitutional questions
29.Tax incentives for Philanthropy
30.Safeguarding childhoods from online harm during COVID-19 and beyond
31.Poor drafting – on amendments to the Customs Act
32.A self-reliant Pharma Industry
33.Stricter policy for accreditation of journalists, and the concerns
34.‘NEET is discriminatory, against social justice’
35.The case for easing our identity proof insistence
36.India must reform the very way that reforms are brought about
37.IAS cadre rules: Upsetting the Centre-state balance
38.Why opinion polls need regulation
39.Why we ought to replace legalese with plain language
40.What three recent cases say about our labyrinthine legal system
41.Appeal for change: SC’s suggestion on reducing jail time for those appealing
convictions is worth serious thought
42.Explained: Governor’s powers, friction with states, and why this happens often
43.Is the institution of Governor subverting federal structure?
44.Indo-Australia bilateral relations: The significance of S Jaishankar’s Australia visit
45.Colombo and Delhi get closer, but failure to move on the Tamil question will dampen
the enthusiasm
46.A dipping graph in occupational safety and health
47.Mass jailing of undertrials must end
48.The importance of caste data
49.The bifurcation bugbear
50.The era of combative federalism
51.Pragmatism, not jingoism will help India deal with China
52.The significance of the Indo-Pacific for India
53.India must prioritise stability in Myanmar
54.Denial of access to Swift is a blunt tool for geopolitics
55.Ukraine Crisis and India: On Kyiv, Sit on the Fence
56.A Case for Specialists
57.The Yogi, The CEO & The Lesson – On Algo Scam
58.Governance breakdown
59.Strategic choice: India is right not to pick a side on Ukraine
60.Ghost of 497IPC
61.Appeal to the appeals system
62.A case for a more federal judiciary
63.Revisit the terms of use for this scholastic ABC
64.Teachers mustn’t be blamed for India’s poor learning outcomes
65.I For International?
66.The pathology of school closure in India
67.Etching a trade line to bond beyond oil – On India UAE FTA
68.India needs a refugee and asylum law
69.India has still to get a good grip on road safety
70.Wrong solution-on Rural -Urban divide
71.Fixing farm insurance
72.Regulation, not prohibition – on online skill gaming industry
73.Data openness is good but its safe use is a must
74.On legally enforcing Fundamental Duties: Wrong call
75.No slacking: On action plans against antimicrobial resistance
76.Trust and Loan – on Central loans to states
77.India-US partnership for post-pandemic world
78.Use international law, call out China’s violations
79.The significance of EU-India partnership in the Indo-Pacific
80.UAE treaty could give a fillip to Indian exports to the Gulf and Africa, benefit pharma
and MSME sector
81.India’s Ukraine dilemma
82.The farm deal that needs to be reworked
83.India risks being left out of TRIPS waiver
84.New CSR disclosure framework for companies: Onerous disclosures
85.Barring students from studying Indian history or culture in foreign universities speaks
of prickliness and prejudice
86.Online courses by autonomous colleges: UGC gets Bold
87.Tapping technology for multilingual learning
88.Questions on MGNREGA budget estimation
1. How surging oil prices threaten world’s climate goals
2. How Auroville can teach us all a thing or two about offsetting carbon
3. Amplify e-commerce and help all MSMEs reach markets online
4. Budget’s missed healthcare opportunity
5. A betrayal of the social sector when it needs help
6. MGNREGA: Is the govt expecting unemployment levels to change soon?
7. A recipe to deepen the distress in rural economy
8. Budget sets up the digital pitch for India to bat on
9. A takeaway is the good infrastructure push
10.Great On Growth, Not on Jobs
11.Creating jobs by increasing Capex
12.The Budget has ignored the poor
13.Regarding the budget: 4 Choices, No Free Lunch
14.Fiscal management during a pandemic
15.A bigger, not better, defence budget
16.A budget that overlooks real needs
17.Budget disappoints on healthcare
18.A less taxing state
19.Ink India-Britain free trade, unlock new opportunity
20.Artificial intelligence technologies have a climate cost
21.Show Me the Money – On Fugitive Economic Offenders
22.INDIA’S Quest to Decarbonize Transport
23.Frequent marine heatwaves in Indian Ocean disrupt India’s monsoon pattern
24.Financial inclusion is integral to holistic development
25.In 60 years, climate change took seven years of agri-productivity growth
27.About Green clearances: The missing green
28.Consolidate clearances-4 steps for effective green clearances
29.Big golden mahseer to small kudremukh barb, freshwater fish are richly diverse
30.Why Union Budget 2022-23 falls short in addressing gaps to build disaster resilience
31.E-fasting can minimize E-waste
32.What are harmful effects of e-waste?
33.How to create a better power distribution Network
34.5g technology: Fixing frequencies first
35.Blanket ban on imports of drones may disrupt industry
36.Breakthrough in nuclear fusion, and why it is significant
37.Union budget 2022-23: Is India‘s Rs 13,700 cr space budget enough?
38.Let business houses with good track records run banks
39.Reducing edible oil imports
40.Back to nature: Immense need for crop diversification and role of agroforestry
42.RBI shouldn’t rush the launch of India’s official digital rupee
43.Step up agri-spending, boost farm incomes
44.The many layers of an unemployment problem
45.India’s Employment problem predates COVID. The pandemic has deepened the
46.Income tax on our rich should’ve been rejigged
47.It’s time to take a relook at privatisation
48.A change of course on privatisation
49.Budget 2022: Some musings
50.An MSP scheme to transform Indian agriculture
51.Time to end employer criminalisation
52.Taking a byte out of cyber threats
53.Living up to rocket boys’ dreams
54. India, heal thyself
55.The case for clarity over India’s policy on online betting
56.Questioning the ban on online gaming platforms
57.Gaming and banning: On ban on online games
58.Power of giving: Fund-starved sectors like science, health, education, rural
development need generous HNIs
59.Fading SEZ appeal
60.India’s semiconductor dream
61.A Blueprint to Revive Farming
62.GST has been a win-win taxation regime for the Centre and states
63.For Climate smart agriculture
64.Why Union Budget is not good in environmental terms
65.The myth of the trickle-down
66.Niti versus Nyaya: When policy provisions deny people justice
67.LIC disinvestment: Right and wrong
68.Zooming in on the potential of India’s geospatial sector
69.Our stimulus should act on consumer confidence
70.After the Budget’s ‘crypto signal’, India awaits reforms
71.The cryptosphere needs amplified risk warnings
72.Engel’s law and Pandemic’s impact on our food expenditure
73.Moving on from India@75 dreams
74.‘Habitat destruction brings us zoonoses to mental health issues’
75.For Climate smart agriculture
76.Climate and food price rise: Extreme weather events triggering unprecedented food
77.In 60 years, climate change took seven years of agri-productivity growth
78.A Planetary adjustment
79.Stop the advance of killer robots
80.On India’s first National Maritime Security Coordinator (NMSC): Coast to Coast
81.Beyond the hype of blockchain, a look at its reality
82.Address the challenges of doing ESG ratings at the onset
83.On an equal footing
84.The Tobin funnel and post-covid stimulus withdrawal dilemmas
85.The budget spells green-shoot for agri subsectors
86.After the Harvest
87.Method to the Make-in-India plan: Decoding our import tariff policy
88.Manufacturing exports can gain from India’s empowerment push
89.Making Green Hydrogen work
90.The reforms that farming really needs
91.A new measure of inflation is brewing on the horizon
General Studies – 4
1. A red pen moment for corporate governance
2. Corporate governance is a pot on high-heat again

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