Forum Ias 9pm Compilation For The Month of December 2021 English Medium


Forum Ias 9pm Compilation For The Month of December 2021 English Medium

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Forum Ias 9pm Compilation For The Month of December 2021 English Medium

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General Studies – 1
1. Challenges with Globalization: An olde fairy tale of the new world order we must brace for
2. “Technology can either save or doom capitalism”
3. Explained: Personal laws in marriage
4. India urgently requires resilient and empowered cities
General Studies – 2
1. Neo-socialism: State’s expanding tech biz
2. Tehran’s white flag in Vienna
3. The need to reopen anganwadis
4. Putin’s visit must be used to realize the potential of India- Russia ties
5. Nagaland killings aren’t a mere ‘blunder’
6. The learning curve: Why college education for women matters
7. Why India will be scrutinised at Summit for Democracy
8. A new era in public procurement
9. The way to tackle malnutrition
10. A docket full of unresolved constitutional cases
11. The nine lives of India’s National Family Health Survey
12. Mediation Bill: Not getting the Act together
13. Surveillance as governance
14. India-Russia summit recognised that each needs the other, and that the drift in bilateral
ties needs to be arrested
15. About Swacch Bharat Mission 2.0: Being free of old waste
16. What schools need to do during pandemic
17. Health account numbers that require closer scrutiny
18. High LPG prices are scorching the air pollution fight
19. Women in the post-pandemic workplace
20. Order those jabs: India needs plenty more vaccines & vax-makers need advance notice.
GoI take heed
21. Low tobacco tax, poor health
22. Repealing AFSPA will not weaken, only strengthen Constitution
23. India-Russia Relations: Russia, a legacy relationship with limitations
24. Don’t ignore context of NFHS data
25. Pavlovian responses like travel restrictions won’t stop omicron
26. A better NJAC: Politicians are right on the collegium. But can their solution rise above
politics, that’s the question
27. Suspension of 12 MPs for entire Winter Session is worrying
28. School education: Children and schooling in the post covid 19 era
29. India-Germany relations: After 16 years
30. About the foreign aids: Imagine: The common good
31. Gujarat HC’s strictures against the campaign to stop sale of non-vegetarian food is a muchneeded pushback
32. Make the mental well beings of teacher a priority
33. India and its neighbourhood relations: Winning back some neighbours
34. Celebrating NRI success: When ‘national pride’ trumps obvious questions
35. “Chinese Project at Balochistan port: local protests, global concerns
36. “Future of jobs: Modernised labour market require social security”
37. Defining democracy: Biden’s summit is a good context for democracies to remind
themselves what the system means
38. Judges cannot be shielded from citizens’ questions
39. India-Afghanistan relations: India sending medical aid to Afghanistan is a sign of thaw in
bilateral relations
40. Fathoming the new world disorder
41. A global gateway to creating links, not dependencies
42. The case for deeper technological ties with London
43. “Karnataka government has done right thing by adding eggs to mid day meals”
44. “State declarations must not be made via twitter”
45. “The kind of engineering education we need”
46. Hospitals should rationalize their pandemic protocols
47. NDPS Act: a drafting error, its implications, and an amendment
48. “Bonded labour, child labour-Manual scavenging in India is far from being eradicated”
49. “Losing the art of critical thinking and ” and “That CBSE question and what it says about
our time”
50. “Justice truly done-An enlightened SC ruling reminds us of how little attention mental
disability gets in India”
51. The speaker who stifled debate
52. About globalization: Mixed signals
53. India-Bangladesh relations: Making Of Shonar Bangla
54. A false conflation between duties and rights
55. Fixing idealism in humanities education in India
56. CEC’s, EC’s interaction with the PMO-Why this raises questions and breaches a red line
57. Importance of data during pandemic: Reflections on flying blind into the storm
58. Covid 21 months after it struck: Is it a replay of the Spanish Flu?
59. Addressing cross border insolvency
60. Summoning CEC, EC to PMO is outrageous
61. For an honest broker: On Russia and India-China ties
62. Soft power: Who does it help?
63. For disabled citizens to have the police they deserve
64. Testing the red lines in the Iran nuclear talks
65. Bangladesh – Model or Miracle?
66. The realm of ideas must always be free and fair
67. Age and marriage: On raising the age of marriage for women
68. Reading sex ratio trends in NFHS-5 data
69. Health will remain high on agenda
70. On India’s Data Policy – The promise and peril of big data in India’s policy space
71. Why WHO’s Pandemic treaty is a smokescreen
72. Courting the stans: India’s outreach to central Asia is vital to counter the China-Pakistan
73. Exam-conducting bodies must support candidates with disabilities
74. Summit for Democracy: What constitutes democracy is for actual democracy to define
75. Fiscal Federalism: The sustained attack on federalism
76. Raising marriage age won’t lead to women’s empowerment
77. Why the Russia-West equation matters to India
78. Why raising marriage age of women won’t achieve its stated goal
79. How the Code on Wages ‘legalises’ bonded labour
80. India is keeping an eye on Central Asia
81. Ladakh: A deeply insecure Union Territory
82. A delicate but necessary mission to Mynamar
83. Looking beyond the Forest Rights Act
84. On Geopolitics of India – As a regional leader, not a victim of circumstance
85. The troubling courtroom policymaking by the supreme court
86. Common electoral roll: Electoral reform is welcome, but shouldn’t be selective
87. e-shram registration is a stepping stone towards protection of informal workers
88. On Omicron: Before the third wave
89. Needed, a public health architecture for India
90-.This clean cooking fuel plan needs more firing up
91. So, no one killed news television ratings: Ring a bell?
92. On Sports Culture – Every sportsperson is a champion
93. India cannot take a black and white approach to Myanmar
94. A chance to tap India’s high equity in Myanmar
95. Explained | Right to be forgotten: govt position, court rulings, and laws elsewhere
96. How a universal constitution can save democracy across the world
97. Iran nuclear talks reverberate in the Gulf
98. Outpatient care: Prevention is better than cure
99. Vaccination: Central control of health care
100. Collaborative approach: Tackling a public health challenge is a team effort
101. The elderly are assets, not dependents
102. How PMO letter to EC challenged institutional balance
103. Has India turned into a barricade nation
104. Protection from data protection authority
105. India Israel ties no longer just a close friendship
106. Opec+ should expect plenty of turbulence in the years ahead
107. The problem of verbose policy documents – on National Electricity Policy
108. E-com competition as a worthy policy response
109. Centre’s push to merge film archive and other film bodies will ill serve their original
110. An opportunity for Digital India
111. Edtech’s teachable moment
112. Step Motherly? Is the denial of FCRA renewal for the Mother Teresa founded NGO at all
113. In Tamil Nadu, a lack of political will to end the Palk Bay conflict
114. Judiciary is Indian democracy’s only flicker of hope
115. Medical postgraduates: Omicron’s Here, Doctors Aren’t
116. How to protect India’s film heritage
117. Great Power Politics is back with a twist
118. Joint development of oil tank farm by India, Lanka could alter dynamic of Delhi-Beijing
119. A whiff of trouble in the Nord Stream pipeline
120. Questions still on how far labour codes will change gig workers’ lot
121. The efficiency myth of Aadhaar linking
122. Wrong medicine-Quota case delayed PG intake in medical institutes. Courts intervene too
123. J&K delimitation exercise sets a dangerous precedent
124. On FCRA & NGOs: Killing the license
125 Asia faces many regional security threats
126. Judges & journos: CJI is partly right on the media mixing news and views. But judges
should be less prickly too
General Studies – 3
1. Wanted: New leaders to tackle climate change challenge
2. On Blockchain: The next big tech revolution
3. The brush with crypto offers some lessons for regulation
4. Cooperation awaits its “finding Raiffesisen” movement
5. Fresh air has become a luxury in Delhi
6. Storm surges and relief: Why India should rethink its cyclone response
7. Why the Reserve Bank wants to have its own digital currency
8. Fighting together: Only the political leadership can clear the way for joint theatre commands
9. The farm laws fiasco offers 7 lessons on how to reform in a democracy
10. Proposal to create bad bank for farm loans raises several issues that need careful
11. MSP is no silver bullet to boost farmers’ income
12. We’re on a knife’s edge between global reflation and stagflation
13. The Goa government’s TReDS adoption is worthy of emulation
14. Draft extended producer responsibility policy: How gaps in achieving fundamental goals
can be closed
15. Basking in reflected glory
16. Nagaland killings should prompt a broad rethink
17. How to regulate crypto, minus a crypto-specific law
18. NFTs are overhyped, but useful for a creative economy
19. India’s labour market distress
20. On fiscal deficit: The turn of the Centre
21. Karnataka Government objects to implementation of Kasturirangan Report
22. Check stubble burning, monitor policy implementation
23. What PLFS tells us about India labour market
24. Aiming for a high, quality of life does influence investment decisions, India needs to loosen
25. RBI must tackle surplus liquidity on way to policy normalisation
26. Real Cost of MSP For All Crops
27. Open banking puts banks on notice-Digitise or perish
28. A window of opportunity
29. Covid impact on what we may call a relevant market
30. On Agri reforms: Setback for reforms
31. PM-AASHA, price deficiency payment scheme: A fact check on its progress
32. On corporatisation of banks: Companies Needn’t Own Banks
33. The NFT promise is overhyped even for creative folks
34. The mountains are calling and they need help
35. Clean Energy from cold nuclear fusion is our Planet’s best hope
36. Delhi Pollution-Looking at social. political facets of climate crisis can help in better
37. Government shouldn’t rush to rein in fiscal deficit-NITI Aayog
38. Nagaland’s people deserve neither AFSPA nor gun culture
39. How waterways can help improve competitiveness
40. What true MSP means
41. Despite risks, there’s great potential in cryptocurrencies
42. Before criticising AFSPA, a full probe is necessary
43. “58 Percent of Potential oil palm acreage identified in 5 states: ICAR study”
44. “Goods and services tax as an unfinished agenda”
45. “Radioactive Pollution in water: A global concern for human health”
46. The stepping stones in the post-pandemic world
47. The good and not so good of new bank ownership norms
48. The question of US monetary policy
49. The curious case of India’s rising forex reserves and falling rupee
50. Poverty and Hunger stalk India’s countryside
51. Challenges associated with China’s economy: Dragon Stumbling, World Ok
52. How the pandemic has worsened inequality in India
53. Poverty and Hunger stalk Indias countryside
54. “The Parliament attack was 20 years ago, are we more prepared today?”
55. “The dream of being a Chip hub”
56. “How Delhi is leading the charge in electric vehicle adoption”
57. On COP26: Home truths on climate change
58. On USO Fund: Speed up broadband roll-out
59. Bank-NBFC co-lending: how it works, and the concerns it raises
60. The tug of war within the gig economy
61. Why Farmers Won, People Lost
62. Insect hits 9L acres of chilli crop in south India; experts point to use of pesticide
63. Boosting agrifood life sciences is key to India’s agricultural future
64. We need a renewed conversation on economic inequality in India
65. On Algorithmic trading/Algos: Regulate, don’t stifle
66. The NMP is hardly the panacea for growth in India
67. India’s drone companies are soaring in these 4 sectors
68. Gig work’s inevitable & indispensable. But social security for such workers
is essential
69. Needed: repeal of AFSPA, not regret
70. “Mainstreaming climate resilience through MGNREGS: Learning from Tamil Nadu’s
71. IMF cues could help the world align crypto rules
72. Plant protection authority sets right its potato blunder
73. On waste management: Zero the way to go
74. Surplus liquidity in the system: How it came and how it may go
75. Protecting gig workers
76. Why does the Log4Shell vulnerability have tech firms worried?
77. Household biomass burning- The invisible polluter
78. Wrong forum: On climate change and the UNSC
79. Bridging the financing gap in the clean energy transition
80. Delivering climate action: The road ahead for India after CoP26
81. The WTO’s challenge to MSP is another frontier to cross
82. India seems likely to grow old before it can become wealthy
83. The hidden threat to our fledging economic recovery
84. How to read the WTO panel’s sugar report against India
85. India must prepare for changes in the great Himalayan water
86. Data Protection Bill: Explained: JCP prescription for data Bill
87. Tourism in Kashmir: Fixing Kashmir-Phase 2
88. Neither ban nor regulate crypto
89. Interpretation of ARC maladies
90-.The overlooked case for food losses and waste
91. MSP for all crops is fiscally unfeasible
92. Data Protection Bill: National security, at the cost of citizens’ privacy
93. Insurgencies are defeated by democratic politics, not force
94. How to get PLIs transform manufacturing
95. Focus on local bodies in govt push to improve ease of doing business
96. Can India become a technology leader?
97. How does the Fed’s taper move impact Indian economy?
98. Why bugs should be a bigger part of the human food chain
99. India’s FTA ambitions in perspective
100. What rising inequality means
101. An over-engineered social stock exchange?
102. Blue sky thinking-Net zero aviation is more than a flight of fantasy
103. Gati Shakti: A much-needed fast track to development
104. Delink the good, bad and ugly of online gaming for apt regulation
105. A fair playing field for ARCs to rival our new bad bank
106. On Plastic pollution
107. Our Harmed Forces?
108. The data protection bills’ reduced emphasis on privacy
109. Our semiconductor shortage is likely to persist for a long while
110. Will India Pay For RBI’s Hurry?
111. On PSB privatisation: Avoidable delay
112. On WTO Ruling against Indian Sugar industry – Lasting solution
113. Sleepwalking into Chinese control of critical tech
114. Turmoil on the high seas-Indian shippers need stability assurers
115. The spirit of disinvestment
116. What to look at before investing in ESG funds
117. Let’s re-emphasize the ‘social’ aspect of our ESG investments
118. Avoid policy adventurism
119. Goodbye shadow banking
120. Agriculture needs a booster dose
121. It’s not too late for India to gain a global edge with high-end chips
122. Our expanding gig economy must treat workers fairly
123. The cold truth about India’s income inequality
124. Panel to explore withdrawal of AFSPA in Nagaland is a step in the right direction. Centre
must build on it
125. Transforming lives-The job creation potential of livestock transition
126. The gaps in the plan to tackle plastic waste
127. Why online gaming in India needs regulation
128. Trade defence: On anti-dumping duty on Chinese goods
129. Strengthening IBC
130. What the pandemic has taught us about the economics
131. Farm reform: the Achilles’ heel of any Indian government
132. The capital market: Then and now
133. The value and vulnerability of centralized data storage
134. Maximising the boost-on mixing the COVID vaccines
135. Banks have fared better than expected in pandemic, but there are also signs of stress
building up
136. On India’s Employment Situation – India’s most abundant resource remains tragically
137. Trading on a buffer-Can India afford to commercialize its fuel reserves
138. Legal MSP: A right and a necessity
139. Disinvestment needs a different approach
140. On James Webb Space Telescope (JWST): A new universe
141. Debt-for-climate swaps an effective means for relief
142. Should vaccination be made mandatory?

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